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How You Can Make Sure You Are Safe From Fraud

  • April 12, 2021

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Most people assume that they are safe from fraud, but it is something that we all need to be aware of. As technology changes fraud changes too and fraudsters are clever. 

Let’s have a look at it a little closer below, and some of the things you can do to protect yourself: 

Look After Your Personal Information 

Your personal information is one of the things that fraudsters want the most. You may think that your information isn’t that interesting and that fraudsters wouldn’t be interested in you, but they are interested in everyone’s information. 

They use details about you such as your last name, social insurance number, bank information, and address to apply for credit, mortgages, you name it. It may even be used for a fake driver’s license or passport. 

So, How Can You Protect Your Personal Information? 

Limit How Much You Share It 

You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud by limiting how much you share your information. Only use it when you absolutely need to. It may seem normal to provide your names and address when creating an account, but if there is ever a security breach your information is at risk. Think, so you really need all those accounts? Encrypt your data on Android and iOS devices to protect against data leaks, hacking, sim swapping, ransomware, and other cyberattacks

Be Wary Of Tradespeople

Although, it’s nice to think that everyone is honest especially when it comes to providing you with a service, however, this is one of the most common areas people fall victim to fraud. Make sure you always check and then double-check you are using someone that is reliable. Whether it’s an OSINT, personal recommendation, or from reviews make sure know you can trust them before yous end any money. Especially if you are being asked to send a large amount of cash before receiving goods or services. 

Be Careful What Your Share On Social Media 

You should be very careful with what you share on social media. You may have seen some before, but fraudsters will send messages that appear to be from trusted sources to try and get your personal information. It’s known as phishing and is one of the biggest crimes when it comes to internet fraud. When cybercriminals are using targeted attacks they also make use of social media. Knowing things like your birthday, your children’s birthday names, interests, and workplace could help them to appear more credible when contacting you. Make sure any profiles are private and only connect with people you know. 

Don’t Jump At A Deal 

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You will even see scammer websites that have links to reputable sites to make them appear more realistic. You will often see these sites offering products at ridiculous prices such as 90% off marked prices. This happens a lot more around times like black Friday too, as people are already on the lookout for deals, so make sure you are extra vigilant. 

No one is completely safe from falling into a trap, however, these tips should help you to stay safer and avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them in the comments below.