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How Your Car Impacts Your Real Estate Business

  • December 15, 2020

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How Your Car Impacts Your Real Estate Business

Just as a home's curb appeal may impact a potential buyer's first impression, your vehicle can sway clients as well. While there are many considerations to keep in mind when buying a new car, the impact it has on your career often goes unnoticed. Here's how your car can impact your real estate business.

Impress Clients

Marketing yourself plays a significant role in your success as a real estate agent. You wouldn't show up for a showing in your pajamas, would you? The same concept applies to the car you drive. If you show up with a dirty car that barely runs, your clients might not take you very seriously.

Boost Your Confidence

Looking good and feeling good translates to more than just your appearance. Rolling up to your showings in a fancy new car will make you feel more confident and ready to conquer the day with a winner's attitude.


Your level of professionalism will show clients that you're a successful agent with a dedication to finding them the right home, which will make them feel more at ease as they go on the home-buying journey with you. Proving your professionalism is a multifaceted challenge, but the type of car you drive can be a significant contributor.

A well-maintained car shows that you pay attention to details and hold yourself to a high standard. This shows clients you're ready to do the same in their home search. A reliable and functional car can also say a lot about your abilities as an agent. Meeting clients late because of car troubles won't set a good precedent for how much you care about your clients. Being punctual is incredibly important, and the excuse of car troubles simply won't fly with clientele.

Relating To Clients

Building a strong relationship with customers is critical in any business. The more connected consumers feel, the more likely they are to buy. The type of car you drive can impact the relationship you have with clients. It's best to try and relate to their demographic. For example, showing up to a lower-income neighborhood in a fancy sports car may make your clients feel as if you can't relate to them.

Think about the type of clients you often service before buying a new car. Flashy cars can often backfire, but so can a low-cost vehicle in a high-end neighborhood. Evaluate which kind of car won't seem too intimidating but will also check off all the boxes you'll need as a realtor, including good gas mileage and excellent handling in cities or rural areas, depending on your location.

Even some of the smallest details about how you carry yourself can make or break a deal as a real estate agent. One of those details is the car you drive. There are plenty of examples of how your car impacts your real estate business, including impressing clients, boosting your confidence, demonstrating professionalism, and relating to clients.