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I’m a Fraud but You Should Still Listen to Me

  • May 31, 2017

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I’m a fraud.  You read that right.  I'm a fraud.

I’m not what I post on Facebook.  I don’t practice the lessons or tips I preach here as often as I should.  I messed up a lot along the way.

I'm a FraudYou get the lessons I learned.  But, the fact that I even had the journey makes me feel like a fraud.

I try to be honest with you about my situation, but, frankly, I still have credit card debt myself.

My full-time job as an auditor is not a source of joy or inspiration.

I’m not the best husband or father. I screw up a lot.

I’m not even a good Christian. I judge and I curse.  I do things and think things I shouldn’t.  And, yes, I’m a sinner.

I’m not the fastest runner. I’m more middle of the pack.  Some days, I don’t always even feel like running.

Can you see now why I believe I'm a fraud?

I'm a fraud.  So, why listen to me?

Even though I feel like I'm a fraud, I can tell you a lot about what not to do. I can tell you about the path not to take.  I can show you how doing X with your money will lead you to Y.   Also, I can show you how not to eat junk because when you do it leads to weight gain.  I can tell you to cross train because it will make you a better runner and how I was not disciplined enough to do it.

I realized something about Run The Money and why I’m even doing this. It’s NOT because I know so much more than anyone else.  God knows I don’t and I’d be lying if I said I did.

Rather, I started RTM because I finally get it. I’ve lived 32 years on this earth and I get it.  No, I don’t understand everything, but I get this.

OK, so what is it? That life is a struggle and will always be a struggle.  That we are put here for a purpose and it’s through this struggle that we find out what that purpose is.

A profound revelation? Hardly.  A new thing?  No way.  A reality for all living human beings?  Abso-friggin-lutely.

What my purpose is with RTM

My purpose with all of you isn’t as “the expert” or even “guru” that talks down to you from a stage. “Do this and you’ll be successful” or “Stop doing that because I said so.”

That is not who I am and that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m more of an encourager or exhorter if you will.  I’m a coach, friend, and accountability partner.

I want you to succeed for you. Not for me.  I have nothing to benefit.

I want people who read RTM to stick to a budget, save money, make wise investments, and reach financial freedom. Run your way to health and make eating better part of who you are.  Spend more time with your spouse and family.  Work to live rather than live to work.  Craft your ideal lifestyle, whatever that may be!

My goal is to come alongside you as you’re struggling through that first run or huddled over financial paperwork that makes no sense as you prepare your first budget. I’m the guy who’s there to say, “It’s OK.  I know it’s hard.  But, for your own financial health and physical health … keep going.  Your children are watching their hero at work.  There’s your BIG WHY staring right back at you, Mommy or Daddy.”

How this affects you

Well, you’re here. That means three things:

  1. You want to learn something about your money
  2. You want to learn something about your health and fitness
  3. This title is great click bait

Learn about money

To those in the first camp, do you want someone that sugar coats the difficulty of debt for you? Or someone who acts like you’re the only one with your financial problem?  Or better yet, somebody who pretends they never had a money issue and still don’t?

No, you want somebody on your side. You want a person who understands your pain, your struggle, and your frustration.  Somebody to say to you, “I understand being in a tight spot with money.  Here’s my story.”

I’m that guy. Don’t believe me?  Read the following articles on my debt repayment and a fellow reader’s:

Learn about health

With your health, do you trust somebody who’s never done a thing to improve their health? Or somebody who’s so fit that they don’t understand what it’s like to have 20+ lbs. to lose?

I don’t know about you, but I want somebody who gets me. Who I can resonate with.  I want somebody who will go in the trenches with me.  Who understands the physical pain of a marathon and the mental barriers one needs to break to eat better.

I’m partial to my burgers and fries. Top it off with a Cherry Coke?  Hell yes!

So, yeah, I get how hard it is to break. My wife has a sugar addiction and I love anything with salt.  We both get it.  That’s why she’s pushing through BeachBody workouts at night while I put the little guy to bed.

We’re the example

To that point, when did us 30-somethings wake up and need to be responsible? I didn’t get that memo.  Our generation certainly wasn’t prepared for it.

Nevertheless, that son of mine that I put to bed every night depends on ME! Yes, me and my failings.  Me and my bad habits.  My poor choices.  The debt I was in.  The crappy food I eat.  Yes, he’s learning from me.

So, what do I do? Keep going this way?  No, I do the hard work to change.  I set the damn example.  I man up!

Where does that leave us?

Well, you have a choice. I put my cards on the table here for you.  You know where I’m coming from.

As I said, I'm a fraud if you consider I haven't lived the perfect life. But, I have learned a great deal.  I’ve been in debt, climbed out, and dove right back in.  I’ve bought too much house.  Let others talk me into things.  I allowed myself to get too scared and failed to make decisions.

Regardless of all of that, here I am. I’m writing this and I’ve survived.  Now, I get to share my knowledge, experience, but, most of all, my failings and shortcomings with you.

I’ll be as real with you as possible. My goal is to let you benefit from my successes AND my failures.

Life is fun, but it is a struggle. Allow me to easy some of the burden.

I admitted it to myself: I'm a fraud.  So, what about you? What are you struggling with?  Where do you feel like a fraud in your own life?  Share your thoughts with us below.


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