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6 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Finances in 2018

  • December 20, 2017

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I have a great contributed post for you today on how to improve family finances. It’s for informational purposes only, so please consult a financial professional before making any money decisions. Got it?

improve family finances

Spoiler alert: the busy and expensive festive period is likely to leave your finances looking a little more fragile than you’d ideally want.

However, January 1 signals the start of a fresh chapter and is the perfect time to upgrade your life with New Year’s Resolutions. Frankly, bolstering your family’s financial health should be top of the agenda.

In truth, this is a goal that millions of people shoot for every single year. Unfortunately, the vast majority fail to make any noticeable difference to their financial health. This is commonly due to a failure to cover all the bases. A thorough and comprehensive approach is the only way you’ll truly achieve those aims in 2018 and beyond.

Focus on each of the points below, and you should be just fine.

Embrace The Power Of Healthy Living

Alongside financial health, improved personal health is one of the most common items to appear on annual to-do lists. A lot of people wrongly fear that getting fit is expensive, and use this as an unnecessary obstacle. First and foremost, your family’s health is priceless. Secondly, though, as the name of this site suggests, health and wealth go hand in hand. Tap into the benefits of taking greater care, and those rewards will extend to your bank balance too.

Gym memberships may seem expensive, but the money saved on nights at the bar will counteract those costs. Alternatively, family bike rides and team sports enable you to burn the calories in a cost-effective and enjoyable manner. Either way, staying active keeps your body in greater condition and can actively fight minor illnesses. This in turn can reduce the need for prescriptions and other medical supplies.

Nutrition is an equally vital aspect of the healthy living strategy. Increasing your water intake can help shrink your waistline and strengthen financial control. Meanwhile, cooking from scratch and freezing extra portions will reduce ongoing outgoings too. In truth, the rewards of increased energy and a greater quality of life should be the main source of motivation. Still, the bolstered bank balances should not be ignored either.

Focus On The Home Living Situation

Many aspects of your life contribute to the overall financial situation. However, your home life provides the foundations. If you want to build a strong financial situation in 2018 and beyond, it’s imperative that you take the steps needed to get the property situation right. If you’re planning to purchase a property next year, understanding the full situation is vital. Entering the process without the in-depth knowledge will come back to haunt you.

Buying a property can be a stressful situation. Having a sizable deposit along with some cash to cover agency fees and other hidden costs is vital. Meanwhile, getting the best mortgage rate should be considered essential. Even if you rent a home, though, there are many factors that can reduce the ongoing operational costs. In truth, those minor tweaks and precautions can make all the difference to your family finances.

Simple habits like turning electrical items off overnight will make a difference. Meanwhile, using slow cookers and energy-efficient items will boost your cause too. If you are a homeowner, adding eco-friendly appliances and features can take things to an even greater level. Visit for more info on the best options out there. When the home actively allows your money to work harder, each month should see your finances move in the right direction.

Be Prepared To Sacrifice Unnecessary Luxuries     

There’s nothing wrong with spending money in this world. However, wasting it unnecessarily is certainly an area where improvements are required. Most people are guilty of making mistakes in this field, even when they don’t realize it. Paying too much for cell phone packages is one of the most frequent culprits while broadband and TV deals aren’t far behind. Analyze what you use and learn to find solutions that fit around you. This will put you in a far, far stronger position.

Another common issue revolves around branded names. We all love having designer clothes, home items, and foods. The key is to know when the premium products are worth the extra cost. Sometimes, unbranded goods can be just as good. This is especially true when products are used for unglamorous ideas. Finding the balance is vital, and it’s worth noting that rentals can often be the best option. Whether it’s renting a dress or leasing a car, those adapted approaches may work wonders.

Other ideas can include switching expensive holidays for a camping trip. As long as you know how to make the most of your getaway, it can still provide the magical memories that you deserve. Quitting cigarettes or excessive drinking can work wonders too, as well as fitting nicely with the idea of boosting your health. Essentially, it’s a case of weighing up the benefits of a purchase with the costs. Get this right, and you’ll find the right value time and time again.

Become Organized

Maintaining a strong financial situation is a very complex matter. However, it’ll be infinitely tougher when you overlook the need for organization. Handling things without any sense of control only opens the door to more mistakes. Experts at can provide help with building the best possible strategy. Whether it’s paying debts or handling expenses, this should work wonders for long-term financial health. This may even help you seek entitlements.

Monitoring situations is another crucial factor. Creating spreadsheets and using other resources can pinpoint where things are going wrong. The sooner you react to those issues, the sooner you can generate improvements. This could be anything from utilizing coupons to ensuring bill payments are made on time. Aside from the physical financial rewards, this will put your mind at ease in the process.

Good organization also means thinking about the future. You will borrow money in some shape or form over the next 12 months, and credit scores could impact your opportunities and repayment rates. Therefore, going the extra mile to repair any damage should be top of the agenda. Gain access to your free report and take the necessary steps to improve the score. Even if you don’t reap the rewards this year, there’s no doubt that you will see benefits in the long haul.

Find Alternative Revenue Streams 

Anyone that wants to bolster their financial health knows that increased income is a pivotal factor. Having more money enter the bank account removes the pressure to make it work so hard. Moreover, that safety net prevents you from needing to borrow money as often. It also keeps you free from encountering other fees such as missed payments. Unfortunately, getting a raise at work is a lot easier said than done, although it is certainly possible.

The modern world is surprisingly accommodating in terms of earning revenue. Starting a side business from home can manifest in several ways. You could start a monetized blog, provide a local service, or sell affiliate products.

Either way, the beauty of outsourcing allows you to keep growing the company without taking the risks of other operations. Eventually, it could even become your main source of income, enabling you to quite your current role. In 2018, though, it should be seen primarily as a source of additional funds.

Starting a business isn’t the only option at your disposal. You could complete surveys, work as a freelancer, or become a product reviewer for money. The extra funds are certainly a nice bonus, although they might not transform your world completely. Meanwhile, the money saved from not doing other activities during those moments is sure to have an equally positive impact.

Learn To Make Money Work Harder

Even when you have a good level of capital, there is a huge need to spend money efficiently. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many people are too quick to throw items away. There are times where paying for services is important, but you can also do many jobs for yourself. You can learn more about these at On a similar note, upcycling tasks can have a hugely positive impact on personal finances.

Getting products to last longer naturally aids your financial situation. However, you should also think about making money work harder regarding your savings. Bank accounts are fine but are unlikely to provide the best outcomes. Smart investments will take the situation to another level, and can be considered an extra source of income. This can be one of the most influential elements as you aim to create that sense of ongoing financial security.     

Gaining a heightened appreciation and respect for money should put you on the right pathway. Then again, you need to be prepared for the worst too. It is believed that two in three couldn’t handle a single financial disaster.

Having the right insurances and precautions in place will protect you for the long haul. Failure to prepare for the worst could open up an endless cycle of problems. For the sake of your emotional security as well as financial health, getting this right is key.

Keep hold of those ideas throughout 2018, and you will finally keep up the New Year's Resolution for the entire year and beyond.