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Improving Website Ranking Using SEO Strategies

  • January 23, 2020

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Improving Website Ranking Using SEO Strategies

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be described as different strategies implemented to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. SEO involves increasing the online presence of a web page or website by increasing its visibility to the users of search engines. Websites can gain more visitors by improving their SEO ranking in the SERP or search engine result page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

Introduction: Smart SEO Strategies

Many companies hire SEO experts to improve their online presence by implementing SEO strategies and tools. However, it is essential to understand the time it takes to improve SERP ranking. One of the tools often used to improve SERP ranking is link building. This involves increasing the number of good quality inbound links to your website or webpage in order to improve the rankings of your website or webpage.

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Interestingly, link building is considered as the heart of SEP by many experts in the field. However, the time it takes for your SERP ranking to improve with link building depends on several other factors as well. Rather than focusing on how long it takes for the ranking of your website to improve, it is better to take a closer look and try to understand how the links influence the ranking of the new content on your blog or website.

Here are a couple of factors that play a role in how fast your page ranking goes up:

The Larger The Better

According to the experts in the industry, larger websites tend to rank faster compared to small websites. So it is a good idea to take time and expand your website and add a lot of fresh content regularly.

Fresh Content Works Best

SEO strategies work best in improving the ranking of your website if you have fresh content. In fact, Google also ranks websites better when they feature fresh content regularly.

Build Links Quickly

Studies have shown that is optimal to build links within a 1.8 month period to help improve your SERP rankings. This 1.8 month period is regarded as the period during which content is fresh. When Google comes across your content during this period, it ranks it higher, thereby pushing your website or webpage higher up in the rankings. Once you cross the 1.8 month period, it will become a lot more challenging and might even result in a lower ranking than you expected.  This interesting article called, How Long Does SEO Take? A Complete Overview of Your SEO Timeline can come in handy in helping clients understand the SEO timeline. It is important to give your clients the gist of how SEO works so that they are ready for the long wait for the rankings of their website to improve.

Pick Out The Right Keywords

In order to get SEO strategies to work for your website, you need to decide which keywords will help you improve your ranking. Once you have the keywords figured out, it is essential to create content based on these keywords.

Stick With Link Building

Many business owners find it tedious to continue with link building and tend to give it up after a while. However, it is best to keep at it at least for three months before deciding whether to give it up or not. In case you do not have the time for link building, you can easily outsource it. You will notice results gradually over time.

No Indirect Methods

It is essential to avoid indirect methods of link building that rely solely on brand signals, social media, and influencers and so on. It is better to use these channels to share content after you have published content on your website.

Don't Give False SEO Hope

It is important to avoid giving false hopes to clients since rankings do not improve magically overnight. There are plenty of SEO companies that lure in new clients with false promises of overnight ranking changes and are not above to deliver. This results in a bad relationship between the client and the company that is not good for the company’s reputation. You need to help your clients understand that the fruits of SE strategies take a while to come through. SEO is a complicated process that takes time. In most cases, SEO takes about a year to pay off, depending on other factors as well.

In case, the client’s website has terrible backlinks it will take a long time to repair all the work. If the client is in a hurry, you can even suggest building a fresh new website in order to save time. One of the reasons why SEO is essential for a website to improve its online presence is that Google’s spider bots are constantly crawling the web. Google also introduces regular algorithm changes, leaving websites and SEO experts to play catch up regularly. This can be overcome by regularly updating SEO strategies based on the latest trends in the industry.

The Best SEO Combination

A combination of an excellent website along with a clean user interface, fast load times and a strong SEO history is a sure shot at improving the SERP rankings. It is essential to explain to your client that the more effort you put into SEO will result in better rankings. Organic SEO methods have time and time again proven to help websites and webpages climb up the ranking list. Additionally, implementing organic SEO and paid ads is a great way to improve your client’s online presence.

Conclusion: Best SEO Strategies

Many businesses make the mistake of not doing enough research before picking out a firm for SEO services. Some firms use shady back-alley SEO methods that ultimately end up hurting the rankings of the website. A paid reliable service will be able to undo any unreliable links and ensure that your website improves its SERP rankings. With people relying more and more on search engines to gather information, it is critical to ensure that your client’s websites have a high SERP ranking. At the end of the day, SEO strategies go a long way in helping improve SERP rankings.