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5 Pieces Of Investing Advice You Should Know

  • April 24, 2018

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investing advice you should know

Want to learn about investing? Diana Smith has us covered with a great guest post on investing advice you should know. Diana is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media news and latest startup ideas. She's kind enough to share her tips with us today and how they worked for her family's money.


Investing can sometimes seem like a complex and even byzantine endeavor. You need to be familiar with the markets, as well as all the rules and regulations of this field in order to succeed.

However, those who are interested in investing some of the money they have saved shouldn’t dread the proposition that much. It can be a useful source of additional income; you just need to investigate the deals you’re making and make sure you’re taking as little risk as possible.

Set long-term goals

It’s important to know why you are getting into investment in the first place. That way, all of your individual calls will be made with a long-term plan in mind. This kind of perspective allows you to have more clarity and a sense of purpose about your business.

This will also help you know when to get out of investing. If you’re not able to reach your goals in the time frame you’ve set for yourself, letting go of the business might be the best option. This isn’t a failure, just a safety measure you’ve set for yourself.


If you want a stock or a type of property that’s generating income, you’ll have a natural desire to stick only to that particular stock or property for all of your investing plans. This may seem like a reasonable option, but it’s actually one of the riskiest things you could do. Investments fail and if all of your investments are similar, they might all fail at the same time.

That’s why you need to make sure that a portion of your investments is going to safer stocks or companies, while the rest of it can be used for riskier investments.

Foreign currency investing

Currencies are commodities like all others, and trading in them is a good way to make money based on the changes in the currency value. This is one of the safest ways to invest because these portfolios are more susceptible to change than ordinary stock which depend on the market.

In addition to this, forex trading in Australia provides the opportunity to trade in gold and other precious metals. This is a smart investment to make because the value of gold rarely changes, and it remains safe even when governments and traditional financial institutions are in jeopardy.

Don’t get too tangled in the news cycle

Those who are interested in trading are usually very much focused on following business news and chasing the leads. This is one way of informing about your investments and acting based on the latest data you have available. However, it isn’t always the best strategy out there.

The truth is, media is a business that makes its money on views. This means that they are obligated to offer something new and exciting at all times. Don’t get lost in chasing every lead out there – instead, focus on the big picture.

There’s a difference between a price and a value

Investors who are looking to earn money quickly are mostly focused on the price of the stock or property, and how fast it could be sold for a profit. This is a completely reasonable point of view and there’s nothing wrong with taking it. However, there’s a difference between price and value.

Sometimes stocks have much higher value than their price indicates. This usually happens when a company has an important tech in development or a product that can go big if some adjustments are made. Don’t get rid of these stocks without thinking of their value.

Investing is about doing your homework and making calculated decisions. However, it’s also about gut calls and trusting your values. Make sure you have a balance between the two.