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Investment Options for Experienced Investors

  • March 18, 2021

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There will be some people reading this who are complete novices when it comes to the world of stocks and shares. On the other hand, some people have come to this page who have been around the block a few times and are experienced in all thing's investing.  


While that may well be the case for some, it can be challenging to say for sure that you know every single detail of investing and of the many available options. If you know a great deal about investing already, then firstly, good on you! It can be a somewhat tedious topic for many.  


With that in mind, if you are someone who enjoys investing and does so often, but wants to know a bit more about other options that may be available to you, then you are in the right place. We have detailed a list of various investment options below, which are suited to those who have invested in stocks and shares previously. Read on for some inspiration, and find your next investment opportunity right here.  


S&P 500 Index Funds 


A Standard & Poor (S&P) 500 index fund is more commonly known as an investment option which is market-capitalisation-weighted. In other words, this is an investment option, where individual components of the index are contained in amounts that relate to the overall market capitalisation.  


This is one of the most common forms of investing and contains companies from various sectors. Five hundred and five companies make up over 80% of US equity through the means of S&P 500 Index Funds; you can see why this is an option favoured by investors all across the country and beyond.  


With the popularity of these investment options spanning decades, we are confident that this upward trajectory of popularity is only set to continue. Warren Buffett, considered one of the most successful investors in history, himself, stated that investors should keep things simple and invest their funds into an S&P 500 Index Fund. 


An investment option named after this historical figure in the investing world, the Warren Buffet Portfolio, is a blend of the standard asset allocation one would expect from an S&P 500 Index Fund, but with a twist. Optimized Portfolio runs through why this is the case and how it is not as high-risk a portfolio as once thought on their website; check it out for more.  


High-Yield Savings Deposit 


This is an ideal option for those investors who want an investment opportunity that allows them to access their money while gaining some interest over time.  


The first thing to do when exploring this option is to do your research; only you know exactly what you are looking for in a savings account. Doing your research before opening and investing in one is always advised, no matter how much money you will be putting into it.  


Generally speaking, experts have found that online savings accounts actually offer a higher yield of interest rates than those that you can get from a physical account. While that may well be the case, you also have the opportunity to visit a bank in person to deposit the money that you want to go into your online account; you are not restricted to transferring all your funds through technology.  


With that in mind, this is an option for those who are not in a rush to see the results of their efforts; naturally, interest on bank accounts builds over time rather than straight away. However, there is a higher risk with this investment option that you may get less back when reinvesting due to the effects of inflation.  


Nasdaq-100 Index Funds 


Most people may recognise the name that we have mentioned here; Nasdaq-100 is the name of the American Stock Exchange and is where investors can buy and sell stocks of over 8100 different listings. You are certainly spoilt for choice with options of where to invest here! 


With that in mind, a bit about how you can use Nasdaq-100 as a form of investment when experienced: if you are someone who has invested in extending the size of your investment portfolio, by getting on board with an opportunity to invest in some of the world’s largest businesses, then this option is undoubtedly the one for you.  


Naturally, as this is a publicly-traded stock, it will fluctuate over time; the value of the investment you put in will go up and down with the rest of the stock market.  


While the biggest and leading companies in their fields are bound to be included in the Nasdaq-100, they are also prone to falling quickly in an economic downturn. But, bearing that in mind, they are also some of the stocks that will recover their price quickly at times like these. This is worth noting and considering.  


We hope that this piece has been insightful for those looking for a bit more information about the various investment options available for those who have a basic understanding of investing. Take the plunge and go for it; what do you have to lose?