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Is A Car Wash A Viable Business To Get Started?

  • January 28, 2021

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Car Wash Business

So, you want to start a car wash business?

Getting your car washed may seem like a luxury that people don’t really have to do.

Yet, there are still a lot of people that spend money on it. In fact, it is still a multi billion dollar industry that doesn’t seem to be going away at any time soon.

To give you a quick answer to the question, then, yes, a car wash is definitely a viable business to get started if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. It isn’t an easy business to run and does require some thinking outside the box.

But, with the guidance of this article, you should get an idea of how to approach the business to get started.

Location is everything

At this point it is a cliche to talk about how important location is, but the fact is that it has to be reiterated. Many businesses these days rely less on location since much of their business can be done online.

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Obviously, this is not the case for a car wash. You have to choose your location well. For instance, if you are near a car dealer like a Hyundai dealership Utah then you’ll get a lot of exposure there with people buying new cars and they will remember you when they are ready to wash their car. They’ll want to keep it in the same condition that makes it look new and your business will help them do it.

Add value

Many car washes do the same types of services across the board. And you should also do many of the same types of services as that is what people are expecting. But, you should also be looking into ways to get people to spend more money while there, or to come to your car wash when they need a special service that you provide that others don’t.

Including Add-ons

For instance, you should give options to add on to their wash experience that costs extra but they are not required to do it. Hand drying the car is a nice perk to offer as it gives people a spotless car afterward. And since it is done by hand, it is gentle and precise so people know it was done correctly.

You can also give demonstrations on how to detail a car yourself and then sell the products necessary to do it. You could even charge money for these lessons as it will still save people money to do their own car detailing and will appreciate your expertise.


Having a solid marketing strategy is going to go a long way towards having a booming business. Social media is the most logical way to create a brand for yourself and is the most economic way to do so.

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And having a YouTube channel is a good way to get exposure to your brand so people will be aware of you and what you do. You can supplement these marketing tactics with some traditional ads like radio and TV.