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Is Acre Gold Legit? – A Look at Your Investment Options

  • July 16, 2021

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Gold is perhaps the best and most popular precious metal available. It is used for a lot of things including as a form of investment. It also has relevant uses in the jewelry-making industry, in medicine, in construction as well as in making electronics. 

It is a very valuable commodity and it provides a way of amassing as well as preserving wealth. Investing in gold is typically less of a risk as it is a safe long-term investment. It has a strong economic value and may serve as insurance against inflation, depreciation and other market forces. You can see its various uses here.

To invest in it, you have to buy and store it or you trade with it. You may buy it as a physical asset via bullions, bars, or coins. You may also trade in futures or purchase shares of funds that trade and replicate its price.

As an investor, you should consider the options that are available in your market. You should also consider the best type of investment that is relevant to your circumstances. Added to this, consider the kind of professional advice that the investment type you choose will require.

A Look into Gold Investment Options

Deciding the best method of investment to use involve reviewing the various investment vehicles available. Each one has different returns, risk levels, liquidity characteristics as well as fees. Below are the various options with which you can invest in gold.

Physical Gold

This is also referred to as bullion. These are bars of gold and may include coins. It can also be purchased via jewelry. Bullion bars come in various sizes that range from one quarter-ounce to a brick of 400-ounce. 

Coins are usually the option for a lot of new investors. Most buyers often stick to the widely circulated ones for maximum liquidity.

Buying these physical assets is the most exciting but equally the most challenging way of investing in the commodity. This is because you have to find ways of storing as well as selling them. Also, appraising jewelry can be complicated even when over time, it has accumulated value. 

Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Investing in gold mutual funds and ETFs can offer you exposure to its long-term stability. It also offers you better liquidity and diversification than the physical commodity or individual stocks.

Different types of funds are available. While certain ones are passively managed and track the price of bullions and industry trends, some are actively managed. Actively managed funds typically aim to beat the returns of the passively managed ones but they often come at higher fees.

Keep in mind that with mutual funds, you are not buying actual gold but papers. These are backed up by futures and options agreements or equity of mining companies. This type of investment is great for investors that are interested in low-cost entry into the market and desire more liquidity.

Furthermore, the value of funds and ETFs generally do not match up with gold’s market price. They rise and fall quicker due to a variety of factors making them carry much higher risks than the physical commodity. You may learn more about ETFs here

Mining Stocks

Another option to invest in this precious metal is to buy the stock of a mining company. This is much more straightforward but also has inherent risks. The shares of the company may not necessarily correlate with the market price of the commodity. It will also be based on the performance of the company.

Although you have control over the company you invest in, if they fail, there is no security of possessing the physical metal. However, you have an asset you can aim to sell at any given time.


These are contracts to buy or sell gold at some future date. This contract is what is traded on the exchange. Futures are more liquid than the physical commodity and there are no management fees. However, a trade fee is charged for each contract.

Bear in mind that trading in futures carries huge risks. It is therefore not suitable for inexperienced investors as you might even lose more than your initial investment.

Companies That Enable You to Invest In Gold

Different companies offer all the services above. One of these companies is Acre Gold. These types of companies aim to make investing in precious metals affordable and easy.

Acre Gold is relatively a new entrant when it comes to the industry. As such investors can be skeptical and want to know if the company is legit. You can read this Acre Gold review to get an answer to this.


Precious metals like gold do not only provide a way to make money, it helps investors to hedge their funds against inflation. There are several ways you can invest in this commodity and different companies like Acre Gold provide services to help with this.

What you want to be sure of is that the company you are dealing with is legit. To know this, you have to do your research, ask around and read third-party reviews.