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IT Tasks You Can Automate Using Cloud Computing

  • June 6, 2022

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IT Tasks You Can Automate Using Cloud Computing

It’s no secret that IT teams are some of the most overworked groups within a business. Not only are their jobs challenging, but they must also complete countless hours of busywork. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in technology, cloud services can take care of quite a few of your IT team’s more time-consuming processes. If you want to give your staff a bit of a break, here are some IT tasks you can automate using cloud computing.

Monitoring User Activities

In a world full of cybercriminals, you need to be extra vigilant that no one externally or even internally tries to steal your company’s precious data. That means your IT team must conduct regular checks on who’s logging in and accessing files. While crucial, this can be very tedious. Fortunately, through various cloud services, your IT staff can set up a system that monitors these things automatically and then reports any issues that need their involvement.

Performing Various Resets and Restarts

Something many IT members must do for their companies that’s even more annoying when they need to get critical work done is fix minor issues for other employees. Problems such as password resets and system restarts become quite tiresome, especially if they take up a good portion of the workday. These problems can get resolved automatically through cloud usage, freeing up your IT team to focus on more important tasks.

Freeing Up Server Space

When you run a large company, there will be multiple teams that constantly add data to your servers. While this is fine most of the time, a server will fill up every so often, and an IT member will have to come in and clear some space. Whether that involves deleting outdated files or moving them elsewhere, this is a task that cloud computing can easily handle. After setting up a simple program, your IT team shouldn’t ever have to manually clear out server space again.

Staying Compliant With Guidelines

Most of the IT tasks you can automate using cloud computing have been some of the less crucial ones, but this next one is very important to certain industries. Many companies follow specific guidelines when it comes to collecting data and how they use that information. Not only is keeping up with these rules time-consuming, but it isn’t that easy either. Once again, though, cloud computing can come to the rescue here.

We’ll use the medical industry for a quick example. It’s incredibly vital for medical professionals to keep patient data secure for many legal reasons. However, constantly sitting around and waiting on IT to approve specific tasks slows everything down. Luckily, they can use a self-service infrastructure to remain HIPAA compliant. You can also apply this same idea to almost any other industry if that’s an issue you find yourself running into often.