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Laying The Foundations For Expansion

  • June 25, 2019

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Laying The Foundations For Expansion

Some say that when a business expands, it expands naturally. But we know that this isn't true. The more you learn about business, the more you realize that steps have to be taken for a business to grow, and to then expand out of the area that it's in. So many businesses don't make it passed the first hurdle, simply because things like finances, marketing, and product development, are managed so poorly. But half of the entrepreneurs that are heading into business right now, have never had any experience with managing a business at all. All they have is that exciting idea that they're trying to turn into a business, but without the proper guidance of articles like this, the idea will never turn into the  big money. So, for all of you who feel like you're struggling to understand how you'll ever get your business from where it is now, to the point of expansion, this is the perfect article for you. These are the foundations you need to be laying now, so that in a few months or years time, you've got a business that's destined to go worldwide. Keep on reading to find out more! 

The Workforce Foundations

So the first thing that you need to realize, is that it most likely will not just be you who is carrying your business towards success. A business is usually started by one person, or perhaps a partnership. But as time goes on, and your business starts to take baby steps towards growth, you'll most likely realize that you're going to have to lean on other people in order to grow your own business, and this is where you'll start hiring employees. But it's also where so many people seem to go wrong. It's so easy to create that dull and boring working environment, where the turnover of staff is just so high. You need to follow the shining examples such as Google, and realise what a good workforce could do for your business. If you have people who are working for you, but barely putting in the work, then you just won't have the manpower to back a growth. So, try and make the office or warehouse environment as fun as possible. Make your employees your family, and they will take your business to new heights. Always bring in rewards, give lengthy breaks, and motivate your team. If you're someone who hides behind closed doors, only appearing to discipline, you're only going to have trouble on your hands. 

The Location Foundations

Location is everything. Some people don’t understand the importance of this, especially as a small business. But we understand that when you’re just starting out, it’s easy to think about the costs and just getting the business up and running. But if you really want to lay the foundations of a small business that’s going to turn into a worldwide one, you need to be in a business centered city. It’s just so much more natural for a business to expand there, with opportunities and the ability to bring in custom, far higher. But then you need to think about where you would want your business to expand to, and naturally that’s within the states. For any of you outside of the states at the minute, it’s one of the prime business targets. States such as LA bring such big opportunities for businesses, especially those based around food, fashion, and marketing. Immigration laws are pretty strict in the US, even more so with new immigration laws being enforced by Donald Trump. So you are really going to have to do your research about the location, the potential, and how easy it’s actually going to be to set up an office in that country. You then have to think about how you’re going to run a business between the two countries, which is also not easy. So do some extensive research, but keep in mind that America is one of the best countries to branch out to.

The Public Foundations

Laying the foundations with the public is one of the most important things to do. You have to be that lovable brand that the public is always thinking about, and if that ever slips, then expansion is going to be super hard. So think about sponsoring events, going to trade events, and just being in the public eye. The more secretive you are, and the more you just push products rather than your brand, the less the public are going to think of you!