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Maintaining A Complete Online Presence for Your Business

  • September 9, 2021

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Irrespective of the business or the industry vertical that you are in or the size of your business, the only way to populate your customer’s mind space is through having an extensive digital presence. The demand for multichannel digital activity has only grown more insistent over the years. Having a healthy presence over all digital platforms can help your business stand out from the competition and create better recall value in the minds of your customers. IT Support Houston can help you deploy and maintain a unified brand presence across multiple relevant digital channels.

Business World is Taken Over by Digitization

The need of the moment is for businesses to maintain targeted marketing activity across multiple platforms that ends up directing traffic to specific pages on their official website where users typically convert. Simply put, if you want to be able to influence purchasing decisions of your customers, you need to go where they are - on digital channels. Your digital presence is the backbone for delivering an effective digital marketing strategy in order to realize an incredible ROI. Digital marketing is not only affordable, but it also empowers your business to target specific audiences and get immediate feedback in ways that simply aren’t possible with traditional marketing. Therefore, expanding and enhancing your digital presence is critical to the expansion of your customer base and improving revenue generation.

24/7 Availability 

A digital presence of any business can include everything from your company website, social media accounts, listings in online business directories, search engine results, paid online ads, email newsletters, or listings of products on eBay, Facebook or your own website. The best part about having a multi-channel digital presence is that your business gets a 24/7 open storefront. This means that potential customers can find your products and services whenever they conduct searches even remotely related to your business. IT Consulting Houston guarantees uptime across your business’ various digital assets.

Huge Audience

The Internet literally acts as a hive mind for your customers across the globe. First of all, thanks to the Internet, your digital presence can attract customers from virtually anywhere in the world. This already gives you access to a much wider swathe of the consumer chunk than traditional marketing. This allows your business, no matter how small or large, to have access to new opportunities and cater to a global audience. Cloud Computing Houston can help you manage your customer base across the globe more effectively.

Gain Credibility

Recent statistics indicate that global consumers are becoming more distrustful of brands. Much of this distrust and discontent can be traced to suboptimal customer service experiences. The consequences are grave as nearly 75% of consumers are now unlikely to buy from a business they don’t trust – no matter how highly they value the product. This indicates the importance of building an unimpeachable online presence to gain the credibility your brand deserves. It's not enough to just establish trust, you need to be able to command authority in your specific niche. Communicating these qualities online requires patient building of your online presence through delivering a safe, secure and consistent online experience that encompasses branding, design and usability. When consumers browse through your catalog, they must be able to do so with complete confidence in both your business integrity and data security.

Online Customer Reviews

The digital world moves at the pace of the Flash on steroids. If you do not respond to customer queries or feedback on time, they could simply choose to move to a brand that does. Interacting with your customers and getting feedback momentarily can quite literally unveil a treasure trove of information that you might otherwise spend months gathering, and still not be as accurate. You could use this information to tweak your product or service to offer better value. You could potentially even come up with new offerings on new business strategies that you think might work better with your intended audience. The benefits of prompt customer interaction and professional monitoring of online customer reviews go far beyond building a trustworthy brand. 

Precisely Designed and Informative Website

We have already established that having updated and regularly maintained Digital presence on multiple channels makes it easier than ever to market your products. But in order to truly leverage the power of your online presence, you need to empower your customers with information that they value and are unlikely to get elsewhere. This means having a properly designed and informative website replete with high value content that enables your customers to make informed choices. 

There are many ways of achieving this. First and foremost, you should try to keep your domain and branding credentials consistent. Any inconsistencies in aligning website and email domains may lead to doubt in the minds of customers leading to hesitation in reaching out to your business. You should also try to find and work with a single reliable hosting provider that makes it simple and cost-effective to access and manage all of your digital properties. Your social media channels should also follow the same branding guidelines so customers know that they are in fact interacting with the official business channels. Most importantly, you need to be able to provide a stable and secure website connection. Slow response times or inconsistencies are likely to scare off potential consumers worried about data security. 

Need for a Managed Service Provider

This is why it's so crucial to invest in the right managed service provider who can provide you with reliable web and email hosting services, guarantee uptime across your digital assets, improve your security posture, cost efficiency and more. Most importantly, having access to the right managed service provider will enable you to access critical business and technical expertise when you need it the most. Apart from giving you the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed uptimes, the right MSP will enable you to enhance your customer experience and improve business efficiency and responsiveness overall. 

About Scott Young:Scott Young is the president of PennComp LLC, an IT Outsourcing Houston Company. Being a CPA, Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Change Management Certified and Myers Briggs Qualified, Scott's expertise is reflected in PennComp as a leading IT company for computer services and network integration. PennComp utilizes Six Sigma methodologies and practices in their service delivery and offers state-of-the-art monitoring and management tools to their clients.