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Make Money With Your Car: 5 Ways To Start Now

  • October 22, 2018

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Make Money With Your Car: 5 Ways To Start Now

Looking for ways to make extra money? 

What about learning how to make money with your car?  Today's contributed post shows us how.


Owning a car can be very expensive.

There’s insurance, tax, fuel, repairs and services, tests, and the cost of the vehicle itself to consider. Most of these costs are unavoidable.

If you use your car a lot, you might think that these costs are worth it.

But, if it spends most of its time in your drive or out on the street, and you only really use it for short journeys now and then, you might wonder if it’s worth the expenses that it brings.

While there are some fantastic ways to save money on your car’s expenses, such as, which can make the costs of car ownership much more manageable, you could also use your car to help with your family budget.

Here are five of the ways to make money with your car.

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Start a Taxi Service to Make Money with your Car

Technology develops, the world changes, but transport is still, and always will be in high demand. Especially if you live in a large city or another well-populated area.

If you wanted, you could start your own taxi business, or you could become a freelance driver for a larger firm.

Apps like Uber give drivers much more flexibility over when and where they work. Allowing you to just work an hour or so around your other commitments and responsibilities.

If you want to use your car as a taxi, remember that you’ll need to update your insurance, update your knowledge of the roads and laws, get your car regularly serviced and consider taking out public liability insurance to protect yourself in the case of an incident.

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Get a Delivery Job

Delivery drivers are also in high demand, and there are many different options.

You could work for a local restaurant, delivering takeaways on evenings and weekends.

You could work as a freelance driver for large companies, delivering customer orders in your own car.

Or, you could work for smaller businesses, delivering between suppliers, production staff and customers.

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Become an Instructor

Most driving instructors use their own cars to teach.

Again, you could work for a bigger company, or start your own business.

Either way, you’ll have to pay for fuel, and your car might need more work and TLC as less experienced and careful drivers drive it.

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Rent it Out

Do you use your car during the week to get to work, but rarely at weekends?

Or does it spend the holidays sat in your driveway?

If there are times when you know that you won’t be using your car, why not rent it out?

There are countless people out there that can’t afford or don’t want to own a car full-time, but occasionally find they need one to get somewhere special.

In these cases, people are happy to pay for the use of someone else’s, which could be much cheaper than hiring from a bigger company.

Just make sure you get the appropriate insurance for someone else to drive your car.

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Share Your Commute

The easiest and least stressful way to make money with your car is sharing it.

Either offer a workmate a lift and ask for a little petrol money or take turns driving, so you don’t need to spend as much filling up your own car.

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MONEY TIP: Download the list of 10 Best Resources For Making Money and learn about more ways to earn extra income. Plus, you'll get weekly money-savings tips sent to you.