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4 Obstacles That Are Holding You Back from Making Money

  • December 17, 2018

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obtacles to making money

What obstacles are hindering your chances of making money? This contributed post explains what to look for.


When it comes to making money, you don’t want anything to stand in your way. There are many different obstacles that can hold you back but you can’t allow this to hinder your money making plans.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or you’re simply working on your side hustle there are many factors that might be affecting your career path.

Mistake in your past and lack of motivation could be one of the many factors that are getting in your way, so make sure you can recognize any potential threats standing in front of you.

Mistakes in Your Past

When you come from a troubled past sometimes your mistakes can come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Having a criminal record can hold you back from achieving your goals and making the money you deserve. You should look into experienced drug crimes attorneys in your area, so that you can fight your charges and gain the best possible outcome. Instead of allowing your previous mistakes to keep haunting you, you can address them and clear your name. Once everything has been put behind you, there will be much more hope for your future.

No Focus

Every business owner and aspiring entrepreneur goes through a stage in their career where they tend to lose a bit of focus. Not knowing which direction you’re going in can halt your business performance. Resort to your business plan if you are ever lost or confused with your direction. You will soon be able to get back on track as soon as you have found your path again.

Lack of Motivation

Having a slump in motivation is natural for everybody, but it can have huge knock on effects to your monthly income. People don’t want to work with half-hearted business owners so rediscover your passions and find that motivation again. Once you are back on track you will start to see improvements in your bank balance.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money right now, but sometimes your impatience will get the better of you. Being patient will get you a long way when it comes to earning money and running your own business. Stay calm and don’t allow your attitude to get in the way of your money making schemes. Your success will come eventually if you can just put in the time and effort. Focusing on your end goal and waiting patiently for your success to come will benefit you hugely in the end.

Understanding your obstacles to making money

Sometimes you have to come to terms with the issues that are standing in your way. You can’t always fix everything, but you can do your best to reassess the problems that might be messing with your mindset or business.

Whether the mistakes in your past have been holding you back or you need to admit to yourself that this might not be the industry for you, realizing the flaws that are right in front of you will help you to come out stronger in the end.