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Are You Missing Out On Money That You Are Owed?

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Here's a very interesting contributed post today discussing missing money owed to you. While it doesn't happen to all of us, read on to see if it could apply to you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

missing money owed

Let's face it, money is important in this life, it with it that we pay for food and shelter, and as well as medical care and life's little luxuries. There are few of us in the world that don't worry about it at some point or another and even less of us can afford to ignore money that we are owed.

Although, there are some are situations in which you could be missing out here, if you aren't careful. Read on to find out what they are.

If you are a victim of medical malpractice

If you elect to or have to go through a medical procedure, it can be quite disrupting and uncomfortable enough, without something going wrong that isn't your fault. Unfortunately, just like in any other areas of life, medical professionals make mistakes, whether it's in relation to diagnosis, treatment, or even surgery.

Of course, such mistakes are often devastatingly serious for the individual concerned, as they directly affect their quality of life and ability to bring in an income. That is why it is so important to make a claim if you have suffered in this way.

Sadly, not everyone is the situation is aware of the law regarding this issue, and they can go on suffering in silence and struggling with the effects of malpractice without the financial and psychological help that they need. To find out more about this and to see whether you have a case consult a lawyer with medical malpractice experience.

After all, if you do win compensation this can be a great help with your medical fees, and in keeping your family solvent in the situation you currently find yourself in, through is no fault of your own.

If your land is seized

A lesser know situation in which you may be entitled to some compensation, but are not aware of it is when you land is seized. This all sound rather dramatic but it is, in fact, possible for certain organizations to purchase your land whether you consent to this or not.

If your land is bought under a compulsory purchase order, you are entitled to compensation.

The reason for this is that there is a statute of law that says if it is to be used for public betterment this is indeed legal and above board in certain situations. While this sounds scary, you are, of course, entitled to a form of remuneration known as Compulsory Purchase Compensation if this does happen to you. Something that it is best to ask a property specialist to negotiate for you if you want to get the maximum amount possible.

If you are in a car accident

Another situation that you may not realize that you are entitled to compensation in is if you have suffered injuries or damage to your vehicle in an accident. Such accident can be incredibly upsetting at the time, making getting compensation can be the last thing on your mind.

However, with the cost of medical expenses, physical therapy, loss of earnings, and even counseling, not claiming any competition that you are owed can leave your significantly out of pocket all for someone else mistakes. Something that is neither fair or financially sensible decision to make. Find out more about this in my post here.

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