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Are you dissatisfied with your life?

Are you dissatisfied with your body?  Do you hate what you see in the mirror?

Are you dissatisfied with your financial situation?  Does the beginning of the month and end of the month cause sleepless nights?

Have you read every 'get rich quick' book or followed the next 'MLM' business out there?

Are you just flat out SICK of FAILING?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you and I have a lot in common.  

Here at Run The Money, we believe that physical health and financial health go hand in hand.  To be successful in one, it takes the same amount of discipline and mental toughness to be successful in the other.  I've created Run The Money to help you get started.

Domzalski Family Run The Money

Davey, Anna, and me at my brother’s wedding in October 2016. Beautiful family I have, wouldn’t you say? I’m a truly blessed man.

I'm Dave and that's my wife, Anna, and son, David Joseph.  I understand what it's like to face these tough questions each morning.  I understand your desire for more.  More in life.  More out of your career.  More money.  Better health.  All of it.

Allow me to teach you what I've learned from being in debt, buying too much house, being overweight, being out of shape, and being that fatso on the couch eating wings and beer each night.

It's time to break away from that.

In fact, let's run away from debt.  Run away from poor health habits.

It's time to RUN to your new future.  Your wealthy and healthy future.

Financial Independence.  Early Retirement.  Heart and mind of a runner.  That's our end game.  That's our finish line.

Welcome to RUN THE MONEY.

Runners & Side Hustlers: On your mark!  Let's go!

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Run the Money is personal finance on a health kick.

Run the Money is a resource to help you become fit in the most important areas of your life: financial health, physical health, and a healthy lifestyle.

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