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Money-Making Ideas If You Like To Drive

  • September 21, 2020

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Money-Making Ideas If You Like To Drive

The definition of a job is “regular work that a person does to earn money”—nothing about pleasure, fulfillment, or guaranteed snack breaks. But, if you look for a job doing what you enjoy, you can have it all. If you own a vehicle, you’ll find plenty of money-making ideas if you like to drive. As for snacks—with drive-thru restaurants, anytime is break time!

With a car, you’re in a position to help a lot of people. City dwellers can’t justify a car’s expenses; some refuse to drive because it doesn’t seem safe. Here are a few ways to profit from behind the wheel, whether you’re looking for full-time employment or to maximize your downtime.

Help People Move

In some cases, people just need to transport something—flea market furniture, or a purchase from a store that charges too much for delivery. Check Craigslist and apps such as GoShare for opportunities.

Help the Elderly

Whether you’re equipped to help people who are disabled or just want to run a few errands, you’ll find that senior citizens need more help than they’re getting. When they gave up their driver’s licenses, they gave up their independence, even for getting to and from doctors’ appointments. Here, “fulfilling” and “meaningful” is part of the job description.

Deliver Packages

Food delivery services are booming, and more general purchases have increased online. New options such as Amazon Flex can be a low-hassle side hustle for you. It pays between $18 and $25 an hour, and you can verify how much you’ll be making before you schedule a shift—before tips.

Deliver People

The reviews are mixed on chauffeuring with Lyft and Uber, and it’s important to weigh the profits from using your car vs. the unreimbursed wear-and-tear on it. But it’s an easy way to make fast money, and you’ll definitely get some good stories out of it.

Start a Shuttle Business

If you’ve got any experience in ferrying people and find that you have a knack for customer service, you can transfer those skills into an airport shuttle business. Travelers will always need to get to and from the airport, and if you want to think big, adding one more vehicle at a time to your fleet is a low-risk way to grow an empire.

Drive Trucks

You may have learned the hard way that you aren’t well suited for office culture. And while the heyday of trucker-glorifying movies was in the ’70s (Convoy, Any Which Way But Loose), the appeal of life on the road remains the same—you, a truck, a highway at night, and a Zen attitude that the journey is the destination.

There are many more money-making ideas if you like to drive, even if it’s a bicycle. Be creative, and look for needs that aren’t being met; things change all the time. If you have the time to find something you love, test-drive a few ideas before you commit to a full-time job.