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Necessary Equipment for Your Commercial Cleaning Business

  • September 14, 2021

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Necessary Equipment for Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Are you considering starting your very own commercial cleaning business? If you're a wiz at cleaning, commercial cleaning can be an extremely profitable venture. Cleaning services are always in demand, which means there’s a virtually endless supply of potential clients.

However, in order to start your commercial cleaning business, you need to invest in industrial, heavy-duty equipment and cleaning solutions. The cleaning chemicals and mop you use on your bathroom floor just won't cut it for this kind of work. Here's some of the necessary equipment for your commercial cleaning business so you can stock up and get started.

A Commercial-Grade Vacuum

Your trusty vacuum back home might be efficient, but it wasn't built for daily, frequent use in commercial environments. For your commercial cleaning business, you'll need a sturdy commercial vacuum that can hold up to all sorts of wear and tear. Backpack vacuums are a popular choice because they're easy to move around.

The Basics

Every business needs the cleaning essentials—the bucket and mop, dustpan and broom, and an impressive collection of cloths for scrubbing down any surface that isn't a floor. Thankfully, there aren't commercial versions of these, so you can use the kind you normally would.

However, make sure the cloths you use are microfiber, and that you have multiple cloths in different colors that are designed for use in different areas. The last thing you want to do is use the same microfiber cloth you just used on the toilets on the tables in the cafeteria. That's a huge health hazard!

Safety Equipment

Cleaning is a dangerous and dirty job. You don't want to have direct contact with chemicals or biohazards, which can make you sick or burn your skin, and you want to make sure you're protected in case you slip and fall. We put up warning signs near spills for a reason, and it's because they're slippery as can be!

To keep yourself clean, comfortable, and safe, wear a special cleaning uniform, gloves, knee pads, shoe covers, and comfortable shoes when working.

Cleaning Solutions

The last necessary equipment for your commercial cleaning business is a wide array of cleaning solutions. You need not one, not two, not three, but roughly five kinds of cleaning solution for your commercial cleaning business—a general surface spray, a concentrate solution floor cleaner, a glass cleaner, a soap scum remover, and a disinfectant spray.

Ideally, you should use solutions that are as environmentally friendly and natural as possible. Green cleaning solutions are more expensive than chemical-heavy solutions. However, green cleaning solutions are often preferred by clients and can dramatically increase your odds of landing a job. Green cleaning solutions are also much better for the environment and for the health of the people who occupy the building you're cleaning.