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This Is How You Can Attain Financial Independence

  • July 3, 2018

how you can attain financial independence

We have a great contributed post today on how you can attain financial independence from Mark Daniels from Mid-South Title Loans, a title loan agency in Memphis, Tennessee. Enjoy!


A goal for everyone in life is to achieve financial independence. We all want to reach a point where we can comfortably afford to pay all of our expenses without relying on a full-time job.

One common way of achieving this is by saving and investing for years, resulting in a comfortable retirement. Another way is building a business that can earn generous income without the need for daily supervision.

The forms of wealth creation are numerous, making the pursuit of financial independence simpler than you might realize. Outlined below are some of the habits that can move you closer to the achieving the dream of financial independence.

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3 Career Paths Affected by Bankruptcy

  • January 20, 2018

Today's contributed post is a cautionary tale on career paths affected by bankruptcy. Read on to make yourself aware of the dangers and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

career paths affected by bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is never an easy decision, and a lot of people are wary of it for a number of reasons. With a skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney like, you can hope to get your life back on the track quickly, but there are some consequences. In some cases, banks can deny loaning you any money due to your previous bankruptcy, or a landlord may choose not to lease you an apartment or a house.

However, there is an anti-discriminatory provision in the bankruptcy law which states that you cannot be denied employment or fired on the basis of your bankruptcy, even if your employer knows that you have filed for bankruptcy. That said, there are certain careers and business opportunities which may become unavailable to you if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

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6 Ways To Improve Your Family’s Finances in 2018

  • December 20, 2017

I have a great contributed post for you today on how to improve family finances. It’s for informational purposes only, so please consult a financial professional before making any money decisions. Got it?

improve family finances

Spoiler alert: the busy and expensive festive period is likely to leave your finances looking a little more fragile than you’d ideally want.

However, January 1 signals the start of a fresh chapter and is the perfect time to upgrade your life with New Year’s Resolutions. Frankly, bolstering your family’s financial health should be top of the agenda.

In truth, this is a goal that millions of people shoot for every single year. Unfortunately, the vast majority fail to make any noticeable difference to their financial health. This is commonly due to a failure to cover all the bases. A thorough and comprehensive approach is the only way you’ll truly achieve those aims in 2018 and beyond.

Focus on each of the points below, and you should be just fine.

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5 Proven Ways You Can Reduce Your Money Stress

  • December 11, 2017

I have a great contributed post for you today on reducing financial stress around the holidays. It's for informational purposes only, so please consult a financial professional before making any money decisions. Got it?

reducing financial stress

Stress is a common health issue for many Americans; however, it is most prevalent around the holiday season. A 2015 survey noted that well over half of three different age groups polled feel additional stress once the holidays begin, and that the greatest source of stress comes from financial worries.

Being able to afford gifts for the family, buying holiday meals, and the cost of accommodating house guests often stretches budgets beyond their limits. If you are feeling the pinch of the impending holiday, there are several ways you can reduce financial stress and enjoy all the season has to offer.

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