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Physically Demanding Jobs: 4 Careers You Have To Be Fit For

  • November 5, 2018

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physically demanding jobs

Looking for physically demanding jobs? This contributed post has a few ideas to get you started on your career search.


If you like to think of yourself as a particularly fit individual, then there might be a cancer that you want to use that in your career in some way.

The truth is that while there are obviously a lot of jobs where your health doesn’t appear to matter, there are also plenty of jobs where you do need to be fit and healthy in order to even land the job in the first place.  And certainly in order to carry out their work as well as possible.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of these jobs, with the awareness that for someone who prides themselves on being fit and healthy, these kinds of physically demanding jobs are really a goldmine.

Personal Trainer

The first physically demanding job our list is:

The personal trainer.

It probably goes without saying, but if you want to train others to be fit and healthy, you have to be fit and healthy yourself.

This is a hugely rewarding job too, so it might be one that you want to think about if you are particularly fit yourself.

Being fit means that you will be able to encourage your clients to be fit much more easily, as they will have you to look to by way of inspiration. It is also true that the opposite would not work, as you would be unlikely to trust a personal trainer who does not appear to look after themselves.

If you are thinking of getting into this line of work, then you should make sure that you are working on your fitness levels even more, even if you are already fit and healthy.

You can’t be too healthy when it comes to this line of work, so it’s something to work on as best as you can.

You might even find that partaking in this job helps you to get fitter, and that could be a great bonus that you might really enjoy.

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Police Officer

If you find yourself wondering what do you need to become a police officer, there are likely many things that will come to mind.

A clean criminal record is obviously a must, as is a particular mental attitude and the genuine desire to uphold the law in all circumstances no matter what.

But you will also need to make sure that you are perfectly fit if you want to be a police officer. And this is something that you can’t overlook as it can be one of the more physically demanding jobs at times.

When you apply to become a police officer, you do have to undergo a pretty rigorous physical examination, and the slightest thing can stop you from taking part in the subsequent training. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

After all, as a police officer you will often need to run, chase and perform many other physical acts at speed and suddenly.

You will also need to be able to deal with high levels of stress, and the possible strain on your heart that can make, and being fit and healthy means that that is easier for your body to deal with.

Finally, let’s not forget the link between physical and mental health, as the better condition you are in, the better your mind can deal with the various stresses and strains of such a high pressure job.

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The third career on our physically demanding jobs list is:


There are few situations where being able to move your body is more important than those where you might actually need to save someone’s life.

Lifeguards, you won’t be surprised to hear, do need to be pretty fit in order to do the job they do, and if you are thinking of taking up a job where your physical wellbeing is important, this is definitely one to consider.

You might think that you only need to be able to swim in an average sense, but actually you will find that you need to be able to move very fast and in a very agile way.

It might even be that you never have to save someone’s life, but there is always the chance that you will, and you will need to be able to do so at a moment’s notice should it happen.

For that reason, you will have to be fit and healthy not just as you apply for the job and undergo the training, but also as you continue on in the job for however long you are there too.

That takes a certain commitment which is not for everybody - but if it is for you, you will know it, and it will be a role worth considering.

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Obviously enough, athletes do need to be fit - in fact, basically the job is being fit enough to compete.

Although you are not in a situation where others are depending on you so much, you will still need to make sure that you are looking after yourself well.

In fact, the better you look after yourself, the better you will do and the more successful in this world you will be, so it is important for quite another reason altogether.

The best athletes are constantly focused on keeping themselves in good shape, and you need to have that sense of real commitment if you are to do well here.

If that sounds like something you could do, then you might find that this is a job you want to consider.

But of course, it is not for everyone, and if you feel that it is too much hard work or just not for you, then that’s fine too.

But it might be worth considering, especially if you are already perfectly fit and healthy.

It will give you a strong impetus to carry on with that fitness regime, and that could mean a happier and healthier life on the whole too.

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What physically demanding jobs interest you?

Now, you have some great physically demanding jobs for those who like to be fit.

Consider them if they seem to appeal to you, and if you feel that you are as fit as necessary for those roles.

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