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Preparing Your Home For Sale

  • December 20, 2021

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If you are getting ready to sell your current home, then you are likely looking for ways to maximize the sale price. 

What might be surprising, is that sometimes the staging and cleanliness of the home can have a bigger impact on the price than you think. 

While there are a couple of things you should consider well in advance like extensions, landscaping, loft conversions, and a new kitchen there are smaller things you can do to help. 


You probably have a lot of memories in the home, but when it comes to real estate, you need to detach from what you are selling. 

As people view the home they should be able to picture themselves living there - which is difficult to do if you have large canvas prints of your children. 

Presenting buyers with a home that feels like they could live there is an important part of selling the home. 

After all, they want to be able to picture their children playing in the backyard or their cat curled up on the stairs - so help them. 


Unless you are professionally clever, you might want to leave this one to the professionals. Using a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning before sales is essential. It will ensure that there isn’t dust, lingering smells, or anything that might put the potential buyers off. 

Before you have the professional deep clean done, it is a good idea to make sure that you have decluttered as much as possible. If you still live in the home until it sells, it must be clutter-free.

A cluttered appearance can make the home appear smaller than it is and put buyers off. 


Now is the time if you have never fallen in love with The Home Edit. As people tour your home, they will be paying attention to the details. These details can let them know the house has been well looked after. 

Buyers don’t mind doing some work on the home, but they prefer it to be minimal - unless they are renovation fans. In this case, the more organized the house is, the better it appears to be. 


Although there will be surveys done on the home, you must minimize all of the possible issues. A leaking tap, small gaps in the grout, or a slight stuff door should all be handled ahead of viewing. 

Depending on if you are in the buyer's or seller's market, you might not have any room for even the most minor repair not being done. 

Talk a tour of your home a few times, and then mark down everything you need to do. 


No one wants to move into a dreary, drab house. So even in the winter months, you need to make sure that you are letting as much natural light in as possible. Ensure that you have complimentary artificial lighting too. 

Try to create a mood for each room and light up any dark corners. 

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