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Qube Money: Future of Cash Envelope Budgeting

  • October 22, 2020

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Looking for an app that makes money management easier?

Enter Qube Money.

Qube Money helps you to start giving your money purpose--right from your phone. Let's explore what makes this app an important part of your budgeting and saving repertoire.

What is cash envelope budgeting?

The cash envelope budgeting system has existed for quite some time. The concept is that every dollar has a job--and goes into the appropriate envelope.

For instance, you may have an envelope for kid's activities, family vacations, food, and so on. The idea is that your money is earmarked for expenses and not spent frivolously.

We've discussed the concept of cash envelope budgeting previously when saving for a house or teaching children about money. Plus, you'll recognize it if you're a student of Dave Ramsey, like we are here at Run The Money.

Introduction to Qube Money

The creators of Qube Money call it an "all-digital banking and budgeting system with the Cash Envelope method at its core." In fact, founders Ryan Clark and Shane Walker are financial planners and coaches. So, they get money.

Plus, Clark and Walker know--from firsthand experience--how much many of us flat out suck at budgeting. We're all guilty of it. Own up to it.

They were tired of seeing the emotional toll it took on their clients in the form of stress, failure, and relationship problems. Cash envelopes would work for their clients for a time, but online one/two day delivery quickly killed that progress.

So, the duo fought digital overspending with digital cash envelope budgeting. Like most entrepreneurial successes, there were iterations, with the first installment being called ProActive Budget.

Now, Qube Money is set to give us all a better way to budget--for good. They make it easier to avoid slipping back into bad habits.

As Walker explains, "Qube Money is poised to reinvent banking, putting control and intention in the palm of users' hands."

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Using Qube Money: A Quick Demo

With Qube Money, your "qubes" are your cash envelopes.

Let's say you make $3,000 per month. So, you have $3,000 to put to work--and give a purpose to--in your qubes.

Like envelopes, you'll have qubes for groceries, clothes, kids' stuff, mortgage or rent, etc. Your dollars are put to work whether you're shopping in person at the store or online.

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Qube Money has no overdrafts, but you do need to make sure you have enough money in your qubes. For example, you have $800 for groceries that month, but only spend $650. That surplus $150 goes back into your qube for later use.

Just so you know, the app protects you from yourself and others. Your Qube card defaults to a zero balance to prevent theft and unplanned purchases.

I took a quick overview video of what the beta version of the app looks like on my iPhone. Be sure to check that out below.

Take Charge of Your Budget

The Qube Money app allows you to use cash envelope budgeting digitally. Your qubes are your envelopes--and you can monitor your spending right from your phone.

It's to enter the 21st century version of the easiest budgeting and cash management system. Do yourself, your relationships, and your stress levels a favor--and get Qube Money today.

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