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3 Ways To Reduce Car Expenses This Year

  • October 9, 2019

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3 Ways To Reduce Car Expenses This Year

Looking to reduce car expenses?

The cost of owning and running a vehicle can quickly add up.

And depending on how much you use it and how much fuel and wear and tear the car gets, it can quickly be something that costs a lot, but depreciates fast at the same time. So they are definitely not something that can be considered an investment.

But for many, they are a must for normal family life, and can mean getting to work or not. So if your motoring costs are adding up, here are some tips to help you to reduce your costs.

How To Reduce Car Expenses Now

Buy Economical Tires

Did you know that not all tires are created equal? And it can be very tempting to choose the cheapest ones, simply because, as has been stated, owning a car can be costly. But often getting the cheapest tires can end up being more costly in the long run.

Not only do cheap tires not drive as well as the ones that are a little more expensive tires, but they can also impact the fuel economy of the car, meaning that you need to get more fuel for the same amount of driving, compared to tires that are better quality and cost more. Keeping tires pumped up to the right PSI is a must too, so make sure that you check that you aren’t driving on low tires that can guzzle up the car’s gas.

Buy Used

As it has been said, cars are a depreciating asset. So it can be a big deal to buy a car used instead of brand new. Even if you look for a used car that is a year old, it won’t depreciate as much as a brand new car does from the moment that it is made and over the first year. So in terms of getting value for money, buying used is a much better option.

Plus, if you look for a used Toyota Prius for sale, for example, you can be getting a car that is much more fuel efficient as it is a hybrid car. Meaning that your overall costs of running the car can be less. So it is definitely something to think about.

Drive gently when the car is cold

With winter and cooler temperatures on the way, this can be a handy piece of advice to help to save some money because cars become much less efficient when they are cold. You are using up energy to heat the car and clear your windscreen, that right from when you start up the car, you are using much more fuel.

It is something that is also wearing out the engine more quickly too. So if you learn to drive a little more sympathetically when you are in cold weather, it can help to save you money and preserve the life of the car. 

On a slightly related matter, you also shouldn’t let your engine to be idle for too long. Car engines need to work from the moment they are switched on. So don’t switch it on to then heat your car for several minutes. Wrapping up warm or choosing a car with heated seating could be the solution for you.