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Responsibilities of Board Members During a Fundraising Event

  • February 26, 2021

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Responsibilities of Board Members During a Fundraising Event

Most nonprofits wonder what their board members' responsibilities are during fundraising. Fortunately, fundraising experts, such as Ari Betof, have listed a few things that board members can do. These tasks are for everyone. It doesn't matter if they are wealthy. It doesn't matter whether they have connections or are introverts. It doesn't matter if they hardly have anything to do with fundraising. These tasks are possible for all board members.

Make a Personal Gift

Every board member has an obligation to support an organization financially. This shows they think the organization is worth it. If an organization's board members don't contribute, no one else will want to donate to charity. Their gifts can be small or large. Either way, there must be a gift. There are a few ways fundraisers can face soliciting donations from board members. However, this shouldn't be difficult because this is an important rule for being on a board of directors.

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Understand Fundraising Strategies

Many board members don't understand how fundraising works. Therefore, they need to research and understand different fundraising strategies. This allows them to understand what happens to funds from campaigns and events. That is crucial information when they are looking at an event's financial profile. Board members should understand your campaign's basics. Then, they can offer support.

Thank Donors

This is the most straightforward job of hosting a fundraiser. It is also the most important one. However, this is something board members should do. This is because if board members thank donors, it brings them closer to your mission and organization. That means they will keep giving. The result is significant. Board members will help create a sustainable cash flow by simply saying thanks.

Communicate With Donors

Every board member must advocate for your organization's cause. That means they need to have an elevator speech. Board members should have some stories about how your organization made a positive impact. They need to memorize a few statistics that can move people. This allows them to create their own message. Then, they can share it with the world. This is useful during fundraising campaigns, especially when they are communicating with donors.

Identify Potential Donors

Board members can do a lot of good when they open doors. Making connections is an area they are particularly good at. This can easily be translated into finding potential donors. In fact, it is super easy. They can use their power to draw in volunteers and potential donors.

Cultivate Donors

Most board members cringe when they hear cultivation. However, this can be fun and simple. There are plenty of easy tasks board members can undertake to cultivate donors. For instance, they can host tours. They can also host small parties. Little things like this can go a long way and be enjoyable.

Ask for Contributions

Not every board member is good at asking for money. Most aren't trained in solicitation or sales. They don't understand how to ask someone for a contribution successfully. But they should still try. Make sure your board members are actively asking for donations.

Conclusion: What's a Board Member's Role During a Fundraising Event?

Board members have many responsibilities during a fundraising campaign. Fortunately, these tend to be simple and fun for your members while having a significant impact on your organization.