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10 Tips That Will Make You More Money

  • December 13, 2017

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I have a great contributed post for you today on what to do to rid yourself of financial stress and fix your money situation. It's for informational purposes only, so please consult a financial and legal professional before making any money decisions. Got it?

rid yourself of financial stress

As much as we all wish that we could be free from financial worries of the rest of our lives, it’s not always something that we can guarantee. So, instead of trying to focus on something that’s not going to happen, or even fixate on your worries themselves, you should try to be proactive instead.

Because it’s always best to recognize that worrying about something won’t change the outcome, it will only harm your health! So, instead of letting stresses get to you, you need to work on a solid financial plan that will allow you to be stress-free and learn to handle issues that come your way.

You may think that this is easier said than done, but it can be quite simple to put the right practices in place. As long as you make choices that suit your lifestyle, consistently work on them, and believe that you can do it, you should notice a difference to how you feel as well as what your lifestyle looks like.

Of course, not every step is going to be something that will work for you, or even be appropriate for your personal circumstances, but you should find that working on a mixture of the ideas below, you can keep financial stress at bay as much as possible in life.

Live With Your Means

First of all, it’s always going to help you if you can learn to live within your means. If you’re already great at this, then feel free to jump on to point two. But, if you’ve always seemed to struggle with your spending, then you’re going to need to reign it in. Because spending more money than you need to is always going to be an issue, and you’re likely to find that you will always be stressed out if you do. Whereas if you’re able to keep your spending within your means, you won’t give it a second thought.

Work Out A Budget

Your next step is to work on a budget for yourself. And this doesn’t mean that you need to restrict yourself in any way. In fact, you can still live and spend as you please - because you can budget for the fun stuff too. And if it’s in the budget, then its allowed. But the idea is, that you start to track your spending more, and only spend money on things that you really feel are worth it. This will stop you from worrying about where your money goes each month.

Start To Save

From here, you should also make a conscious effort to start saving more too. Whether you’re a great saver or you’ve never really made room for saving, you need to get started. This post on will help you if you’re not sure how to approach it. But having savings will always make you feel better.

Work On An Income Growth Plan

If you’re also worried about the amount of money you’re making, you’re going to want to come up with a solid career plan to follow. But this isn’t going to be just about your success; it should also be about money. So you should work out what you want to earn, what pay rises you want, and then work on putting it into place.

Create Multiple Income Streams

If you do find that you worry about your income, both in terms of the amount you make and whether it’s sustainable or not, then you should look to increase the number of streams you have. Because only having one source of income can be a concern should anything happen to it - or even to you. But by putting some passive income ideas in place, you should feel less stressed knowing that you have backup options if something happens to your main source of income.

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Insure Your Income

But you could also consider insuring your income. Whether you choose to do something specialist such as, or a generic option from your bank, this gives you a bit of a buffer. Should you not be able to work in the future, you will still be able to have money coming in thanks to your policy.

Plan For Retirement

And what about the future? Have you thought much about that yet? It’s not something that we all tend to focus on right now, but it will become a source of stress before long if you don’t put any plans in place. You’re going to want to ensure you put some plans together, whether it’s a standard 401k or something else. When you do, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you’ll know your future is covered.

Protect What You Have

Next, you’re then going to want to think a little more about protecting things you currently have in place. Because fraud can be a huge problem. But by protecting your passwords and changing them regularly, keeping your money in safe banks, and not saving too much in one place, you won’t have to worry about it.

Shop Sensibly

Moving forwards, you’re going to want to work on spending more consciously too. And this is something that we can all improve on, no matter how frugal you think you are. This post on points out just how you could go about doing it. Because you may find that when you’re more conscious, you don’t really need things. Or if you do, that you’re able to be much more frugal with your purchases.

Put Your Priorities In Order

And finally, you’re going to want to get your financial priorities in order - because they’re going to be different for everyone. You need to work out what you want to do with your money, and set some goals for your family’s finances. When you start to be a bit more proactive with these things, you’ll find that you’re able to spend much less time worrying about them.

10 Tips That Will Make You More Money