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How To Make A Healthy And Productive Home

  • September 22, 2020

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Your home is a place of rest and a sanctuary where you recharge your batteries. However, with work from home on the rise, the house has become more than that. It has now become a place where you work and rest.

The line between work and your personal life has never been so blurry. However, you must draw a clear line between your time for work and yourself. You are your most important investment, and your brain is your most profitable money-making machine. That's why you must create a sanctuary that will be the most healthy relaxing for you.

Here are some things that you can do to support your health while being productive at home:

1. Create a place where you can fully rest and recharge.

Your bedroom is where you sleep to recharge your batteries to face another day. Setting it up to be more conducive for rest is a must. First, invest in a comfortable bed that supports your back when you sleep. Visit a mattress store near you and invest in a bed that will make you want to snuggle all day. An old or simply the wrong mattress can negatively affect your sleep and energy level for the next day.

Clear your bedroom of clutter and any reminders of work if possible. If you live in a studio unit, you can install dividers that separate your bed from the rest of the house. Invest in high-quality sheets with high thread counts and soft pillows for a more peaceful and comfortable sleep. You can add some relaxing scents, whether with a candle or an oil diffuser, to improve your sleep quality.

2. Create a conducive working space.

You can be tempted to work on your bed, couch, or dining table, but having a dedicated working desk is good for your mental health. Whether your remote work setup is temporary or permanent, establishing a dedicated working space is a must for your productivity.

Choose a corner in your home where you can put up your working desk. Put it near a window so that you can look outside when your eyes need a break from staring at your screen for hours. Choose a desk with the right height and an ergonomic chair to reduce your risks of computer-related injuries. Set up proper lighting in your desk to avoid eye strain.

Having a dedicated workspace sets a routine for your mind. Once you sit before your desk, your brain will prepare itself and shift into working mode. A dedicated desk can help you focus on your tasks and be more productive with your working hours. Do not forget to personalize it and add something that will make it a pleasant work corner for you.

3. Stock up your kitchen.

If you are working from nine to five, you might not have time to buy your food. Stock your kitchen pantry and refrigerator on the weekend so that you have enough to cook for the week. Deliveries are good for hectic days, but nothing beats a healthy home-cooked meal.

Compile healthy meals from the Internet so that you can have something packed with nutrients during your lunch. Stock up on pantry essentials, such as eggs, oatmeal, cereal, condiments, vegetables, bread, fruits, and meat. Stock up on nuts and fruits for some quick bites in between work. Do not forget to get coffee for your mid-afternoon pick-me-upper.

Never skip your meals even if you are chasing deadlines. You can be more productive with a full stomach, but do not overeat.

4. Make your home comfortable.

Make sure that your home is comfortable for your health and your productivity. Ensure that your home has enough ventilation and that your heating and cooling work properly. Schedule regular maintenance of your HVAC and clean your filters regularly. Now more than ever, you need to ensure the comfort level of your home.

Open your windows to bring natural light inside. Natural light helps brighten your mood and positively affects the quality of your sleep. You can also get some indoor plants to make your home cozier and to help filter indoor air.

Setting up your home for remote work is good for your health, comfort, and productivity. You can do other things to make your home healthier and conducive to work. Just remember to put your health first.