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Seven Reasons to Live Stream Your Church Services

  • May 18, 2021

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You work hard to uplift and inspire your congregation, and part of that means exploring new ways to engage people. In a time where online content captures so much of people’s attention, you may wonder how you can attract and keep your congregation’s focus.

More and more churches are live streaming their services and events to connect with parishioners. With mobile camera equipment for your place of worship more affordable than ever, you have probably considered it yourself.

If you are not yet live streaming your sermons, here are seven reasons to give it some consideration.

1. Cater to Travelers

Many people who travel for work spend a significant amount of time in other cities unable to attend their home church. Finding a church to visit when out of town can be difficult and intimidating. By broadcasting your sermons, you provide an alternative for business travelers to worship conveniently even when they are on the road.

Additionally, live-streamed services are a great resource for individuals and families when they are on vacation or out of town. Online access allows your congregation to stay connected with the church at all times.

2. Reach People Stuck at Home

Often, people may find themselves stuck at home due to illness, disability, or other circumstances. Online programming is a particularly valuable tool for those with long-term illness who may feel disconnected socially and spiritually from the rest of the congregation. Elderly members with mobility issues will also find digital options a blessing.

3. Attract New People

Live streaming presents the opportunity to capture an audience of new people. Many people, particularly the young, are highly interested in alternatives to traditional services.

4. Work Around Limited Space

Online broadcasting allows you to reach a greater number of people than your space may allow. If you are already filled to capacity, you may want to consider how technology can help you continue to spread your message without violating the fire code.

5. Provide a Digital Record

Video technology allows you to record and save your sermons and events for posterity. These videos are an important history of your church, and you can access your content again at a later date.

6. Establish an Online Presence

Your online presence is important for reaching new people and engaging your congregation, and creating this presence doesn’t have to be expensive with mobile camera equipment for your place of worship. Capturing your sermons can help you establish your online identity by providing video content for your website and social media accounts.

7. Host Better Events

By expanding your video offerings, you have the opportunity to create interesting events and activities. You can host exciting speakers from all across the world or allow people to remotely participate in book studies. Online streaming gives the capabilities to provide your congregation with unique ways of worshipping and learning.

Nothing can replace the benefits of in-person worship. However, in this unpredictable world with its unique challenges, live streaming may provide an opportunity to help your congregation stay connected to the church.