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Simple Ways To Reduce Custom Label Costs

  • November 18, 2020

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Simple Ways To Reduce Custom Label Costs

When you’re a business pumping thousands of dollars into printing customized labels, it can be relieving to find some ways to save your company some money. There are many details that can affect the cost of your label printing beyond standard pricing. Many of these details are commonly overlooked. Learn here, as we look at some simple ways to reduce custom label costs.

Consider a Variety of Ideas

When you’re first laying out the preliminaries for the look of your custom labels, it’s important to remain flexible about the overall design. You might have a very specific final look you want it to have, but this can be a huge disadvantage to you. Your label could be outside the common dimensions of most. If you’re more flexible on sizes, it allows the vendor to work with what they already have, which increases efficiency and lowers your costs. Money can also be saved if you are open to using colors that don’t need to be perfectly on-brand for spot color. Check with the manufacturer if there are changes that can be made to your label design that would save you more money.

Choose Material in Line With the Application

There are many high-grade materials that may make a label look great, but aren’t necessary for the application. If you are using film labels with coating that is meant to survive in a freezer on a room temperature shelved item, you’re wasting your money. Even shipping labels which need some durability can get away with being just paper, since they only need to survive one shipment. The best way to prevent overspending on label material is to assess if it’s necessary for what you need the label to do.

Consider Other Label Formats

The way your labels are cut once they come off the press will also actually impact the cost of the final product. You should make sure that your labels are designed to be printed out on rolls instead of being cut into singles, since it takes two pieces of tooling to cut singles as opposed to the one piece it takes to cut rolls. In some cases, printing on rolls won’t be appropriate, but look to use this method any time you can.

Print Your Labels In-House

One of the final simple ways to reduce custom label costs is to just print in-house. Of all the reasons to print labels in-house, saving your company money is a major one. This allows you to print however many labels you need at any time. You can get batches for decent prices from a manufacturer, but it can be difficult if you run into a situation where you only need a few. You might have to pay for a full batch and end up with more labels than you need, and this is money wasted. Investing in a quality label printer is a chunk of money upfront, but it will save you thousands in the long term. Also make sure to have an alternative. Be prepared, what if your inks and toners aren't compatible with your printer? You can sell them to Sell Toner to keep your costs going.