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The Benefits Of Hiring Remote Workers

  • June 28, 2021

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There are a lot of benefits to remote working for employees. In fact, remote work and flexible schedules are some of the biggest benefits for employees, as they can work from anywhere and will have more time to spend with their families. We know remote work is good for employees but is it good for employers? 

There are lots of benefits of remote work for employers too, including stronger retention and engagement. Companies that allow for their staff to work remotely have a lower turnover than companies that don’t offer this option. Allowing your employees to work off-site, at least some of the time, can improve their engagement too. What other benefits are there for employers who allow remote working and hire remote workers? 

Expands Your Network

When you’re looking for new talent to hire, hiring remote workers means that you don’t have to limit your search to just one location. By hiring remote workers, you can expand your candidate pool to anyone with an internet connection, and get access to all kinds of great talent from across different states and even countries. As long as the person you hire has the right setup, you can hire talent from anywhere. 

Just bear in mind the issues that having a team across different time zones could have. You may need to adjust your businesses working hours and have multiple shifts to suit the times of where most of your team are based. You may find it easier to hire people in the same timezone, or in the same area, but allow them to work from home sometimes. This saves you the timezone problem, even if you do decide to hire from other countries and have to offer help with How to get a Green Card

Remote work opens up more job opportunities and gives your team the chance to network with peers from around the world. Social networks and communication platforms can help your team stay connected.

Reduces Costs

All companies need to pay attention to their bottom line and find ways to make some smart financial decisions. One of the main benefits of remote workers is cost savings. If you offer remote working, you can save a lot of costs per employee. If you don’t have people in the office, you can save on lots of things in your budget, including cubicles, stationery supplies, ergonomic chairs, and more. 

Increases Productivity

Many employees are more productive when they work at home. A long commute can cause a lot of stress or even burnout. In fact, a lot of employees quit their jobs because of a commute that is too long. When employees have the option of working remotely, they are less likely to be distracted and can be more productive in their own space. Without the irritation of a time-consuming commute, they can be more productive, thanks to reduced stress and the ability to start work earlier. 

Lowers Work Absences

In America, there is no federal requirement to provide paid sick leave to your employees. However, while people being off might not cost you sick pay, it can still cause delays and downtime for your business, which will cost you money in the long run. With remote work, you might find that your employees need fewer sick days, saving you money. People who are too ill to come into the office may still be well enough to work from home. The reduced stress of remote work could also help to reduce the number of sick days. 

Reduces Employee Attrition

Offering remote work can also have a big impact on employee retention. The average cost-per-hire for companies is higher than you might think, when you factor in the cost of advertising the position, hiring recruiters, downtime caused by time interviewing, and training a new staff member. If you want to hold onto the talent that you already have, offer remote work. Many employees will more be loyal to their employers if they have the option of more flexible work. 

There are a lot of different benefits to offering remote work and hiring remote workers. The list in this article is only a few of the benefits that businesses can take advantage of. The remote work experience has financial and productivity benefits for both the employees and the employers. Remote work helps to improve work-life balance, lower your costs, and can attract more and better talent. If you’re thinking about how to improve all these things at your company, offer remote work.