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The Best Jobs for Independent Contractors

  • October 21, 2022

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The Best Jobs for Independent Contractors

Are you tired of your nine-to-five? These jobs offer security but come at the cost of your freedom.

If you commute, you’re probably familiar with sitting in gridlock traffic while trying to get into the office on time. Even if you have a remote job, this regimented schedule may stifle you and cause you to miss out on time you’d rather spend with family and friends. Isn’t there a better way to make a living?

Entrepreneurship comes with many responsibilities and risks that most people don’t want to face, so there might be other avenues to pursue.

Have you ever considered being an independent contractor? Let’s look at some of the best jobs this form of self-employment offers.

Social Media Manager

If you’re someone who loves social media, odds are you’ve already created a successful brand for yourself, whether your account showcases your everyday life or a hobby you love. Being a social media manager may be the perfect fit for you.

With a job like this, you can choose clients with viewpoints that align with your beliefs. Promoting something you care about makes this line of work authentic, benefiting everyone. You can have the perks of working remotely while creating your own schedule.

Owner-Operator Truck Driver

This one is a bit more out of the box, though it’s a great opportunity for someone who hates an office environment and loves the open road. However, this isn’t a path that anyone can jump into headfirst without a little background knowledge.

Knowing what to expect as an owner-operator truck driver will set you up for success. These jobs require you to own or lease a truck. You also need commercial driving licenses to pick up loads. Once you have those, you can decide what kind of freight you want to pick up and what distances you want to drive.

Freelance Writer

You may have a passion for the written word. You might dream about publishing a novel, but you have bills to pay in the meantime. Why not lend your services to folks who dread putting words to a page and capitalize on your natural talents?

There are many types of writing jobs out there, from SEO content writing to copywriting. While you may have a passion for only some of the subjects that come your way, this job allows you to become more educated by researching a bit of everything. It’s a great path for those who write fast. The more you produce, the more you make in the financial department.

Dog Walker

Animal lovers may want to explore a career path that doesn’t come with all the stresses of working at the vet. Consider becoming a dog walker to have plenty of time with our four-legged friends. Some apps offer this service, like how Uber offers rideshare services, so it’s an easy field to enter.

This career path works great for someone who enjoys nature and dislikes a sedentary lifestyle. On the contrary, even if you’re a couch potato, you can challenge yourself to be more active. Your love of dogs might motivate you to exercise.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the best jobs for independent contractors. Many different career possibilities exist for someone who wants to escape the daily grind. Keep yourself open and do something you love.