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The Best Ways To Get Fit And Healthy Without the Gym

  • July 28, 2021

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So many people when they are looking to get fit and healthy automatically think to get down the gym, and there is nothing wrong with that but for some people the gym just isn’t an option.

Maybe they do not like the gym, cannot afford it or just are too embarrassed to go. These can all stop people from even wanting to workout and get healthy, because they think the gym is their best option, however this just isn’t the case.

It can be so easy to get fit and healthy from home or by working out outside, the gym these days is now becoming less popular. It can be hard to motivate yourself or know what your options are outside of a gym but there are changes you can make and things you can do which will help you to get fit and healthy without a gym session being needed.

If you are trying to get fit and healthy and the gym is just not something you want to do, and you are unsure how you can do it from home without the gym then these tips should help you to understand what you can do without a gym and get you started on your fitness and health goals without stepping foot in the gym.

Get to walking

The simplest way for you to start getting fit is to walk and it is a great simple way to build cardio fitness too. Going out and about walking not only lets you start your fitness journey but also helps you get out and see more of your surrounding areas. It is a great way to get about and save money on fuel too if you would normally drive to places like the local shop.

You are not expected to be able to go out and run straight away if you are just starting to get fit so going out and walking will allow you to build a small amount of fitness which will then allow you to build up to running. If you own a dog then this is a great way to get out walking and will get you both out the house and gives you motivation and reason to actually get out and walk.

Use the stairs more

A great and simple way to burn more calories throughout the day is to start taking the stairs more. Too many people when at work or out shopping take the lift, but you can actually help your fitness and lose some more weight by taking the stairs.

If it is too much of a struggle then don’t worry as you do not want to be hot and sweaty at work, etc. But even if you take one flight then lift the rest of the way you can use it as a goal to take more flights and work your way up this way you can gauge your fitness and get fitter in the process.

Go out hiking

If you have the time and love the outdoors then hiking is a great hobby for you to take up to help with your fitness and also help any mental health issues you may have as being outdoors and taking in that fresh air really clears the mind. It is great for all abilities and levels of fitness as there are usually different trails if you go to a specific place that has hiking trails, this allows you to start off easy and then work your way up.

You do not have to go to hiking trails either if you know an area that has lovely walking areas or you want to go off track then go wild with it just make sure you prepare well and you are careful when doing so. Hiking is also great to do with other like minded people so it is a great way to get fit and meet people while doing so.

Workout while at home

If the gym just isn’t for you then the best thing to do is to workout at home, especially if it is weight training you are looking to do, if you can afford i then get yourself some gym equipment and create home gyms with multiple stations so you can workout like you are in a gym without even having to leave your home. You can get everything you can get in a gym for your home so if you can afford it then it’s a great option for you.

Not everyone can afford a home gym however so for them doing workout classes that use your own body weight or small weights is a great way to workout at home, things like workout apps and YouTube have such a vast variety of workouts you can do from, yoga to HIIT workouts there is so much to choose from for people of all ability levels.

Using other video apps for fitness

With working out to these apps or videos you can feel like you are truly at a workout class without even leaving home, you can even do it on Zoom or FaceTime so you can do it with people all over the world or with friends and family, this gives you a personal connection without having to be there in person.

Workout videos are also great for those who cannot make them when they are on at the gym. Maybe they work hours that are not flexible. This means you can still get a class in no matter what time it is.

Take up sports

Too many people think that getting fit is all about going out and running and doing marathons and just not enjoying yourself well. That just isn’t the case, try and take up a sport that will get you active while also enjoying yourself. Things like dance, football, or golf - these will all get your heart rate up and overtime get your fitter while also enjoying yourself.

The great thing about sports is it gets you working out without realizing, when you are going to training a couple of times a week and doing running and doing your training exercises you are working out and getting fitter. But it does not register as much because you are doing something your love and enjoy.

Why are sports a great way to get fit?

This is one of the best ways to get active because it doesn’t feel like a slog like going for a run does. Water sports are also a great sport to get into for fitness as there is swimming involved which is a great all body workout. Plus, it really gets the heart pumping as well as actually doing the sport like kayaking or surfing which then engages other parts of your body.

Water sports are great because of that level of resistance training that you get from the water. It is going to really make you feel like you have just been in the gym for hours but in reality you have been having a great time just doing some water sports you really enjoy.

For older people it can be hard to get into sports but a sport like golf is great to get into as it is a lovely leisurely way to get out and active but also meet new people and play with friends, it has a great social aspect but isn’t so strenuous that you would not enjoy it as an older person. With golf it is another sport where you are getting fit but not really realizing it as you are concentrating on playing but over the course of a few hours you would have walked around 2-3 miles depending on the size of the course which is a great way to get fit, and on days you aren’t feeling the walk then you can always rent out a buggy.

Get yourself a bike

Just like walking is a great way to get around instead of a car, the bike is even better than that as it is quicker. You can save money and get fit by cycling instead of driving. You also can use it just to go out and take in the scenery around you. With riding a bike you need to make sure you have all the right gear should anything happen and also plot yourself a safe route where you can use cycle routes that are available.

This helps you to be safer whilst out on the bike as there can always be one driver that could cause a collision. Cycling has been a massive part of fitness for years and is really good for those that may have bad knees and joints so they cannot run that well without pain, cycling is a great option instead of running for this reason as it is kinder on the joints without the impacts that running outside has. You can also check out for a guide on choosing the perfect bike for your workout

If you are looking to get fit and healthy and you do not want to use the gym for whatever reason that may be, and you are just unsure what you can do to get fit outside the gym then this guide should give you an idea of what you can do and get you started on your fitness journey.