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The Caravan is the New Spanish Villa – Here’s Why

  • August 23, 2020

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You might have heard about COVID-19 and the effects that it has had on the world, with almost every country around the world enforcing restrictive social measures to combat the spread of the virus. Summer 2020 has been a summer like no other, with holidays first seemingly off the cards, then back on again, only to then be told that you would have to quarantine for 14 days upon your return.

These are unprecedented times, make no bones about that, and this year has seen the otherwise improbable become mundane. We are just sitting around waiting for the next crazy thing to happen when we would love nothing more than to return to our usual, boring lives.

Such restrictions have meant that foreign travel, although not impossible, is practically off the cards for those of us who cannot afford to risk having to isolate at home for 14 days. Thus, the staycation has become a far more attractive proposition for those who are determined not to allow the pandemic to get in the way of their summer of fun.

A Little Closer to Home

While dreams of Spanish villas will remain just that for 2020, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of the sunshine with plenty of fantastic locations reachable by car. Just because the beach isn’t connected to the Mediterranean Sea doesn’t mean it isn’t exotic, nor does the fact that any accommodation you might find on a smaller budget takes away from the feeling of luxury.

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Caravans are so much more than the initial picture in your head right now, likely a box of fabricated metal on wheels attached to the back of a car. No, no, no – the types of caravans we are referring to are so much more than what you find parked up your grandparent’s driveway for 51 of the 52 weeks a year.

Static caravans make for beautiful holiday homes that you can buy for a nominal fee, giving you a base on the outskirts of some of the most picturesque domestic locations. It might not quite be the authentic Spanish experience but, especially in these times, it is every bit as good if not better.

Holiday Homes That Don’t Break the Bank

You may have always thought that owning a holiday home was a luxury reserved exclusively for the rich and famous. You would be wrong, with park homes found on holiday parks making for stunning abodes even if you don’t quite share the same wealth as David Beckham.

Sure, you might need to learn how to clean a caravan roof, but it is what’s inside that counts. Many static caravans come with stunning interiors that are no different than what you would expect to find in a traditional brick and mortar property, and you need not worry about feeling cramped, either. Static caravans are available in all shapes and sizes, meaning that no matter how big your family and/or travelling party, you will be able to find something that suits.

The Rise of the Staycation

Undoubtedly, the current global situation is the cause for the surge in popularity of staycations, with domestic holiday parks welcoming in guests who might otherwise prefer to travel overseas for their summer sun. Having spent months closed due to the pandemic, this is a welcomed scenario for holiday parks, even if they are forced to open at a reduced capacity for the time being.

With many countries seeing surges in confirmed cases, with the list of areas travellers would have to quarantine returning from growing longer as the weeks pass on, there is little sign of this trend bucking any time soon. For now, at least, the caravan is the new Spanish villa.