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The Key To Landing A High Paid Job

  • April 7, 2019

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There are lots of ways to gain access to higher paid jobs. If you feel that you should be earning more, why not try one of these strategies in order to up your salary.

Get educated

Many of the highest paying jobs require you to be educated. Of course, there are many ways to get rich without being educated, but on the whole education will put you at an advantage (in fact, studies suggest that graduates are 177 times more likely to earn $4 million over their lifetime). There are even some cases where taking extra courses can fast-track you for promotion such as this MSN program online for nurses wanting to take on senior roles. Of course, you could argue that education costs you more and therefore isn’t worth the added salary, however considering the long period over which student debts can be paid, it tends to still be a worthy investment.

Take on more responsibility

Taking on more responsibility can also up your pay. Many management roles have higher pay for this reason. In some cases, the pay gap from being an associate to a manager can be huge – marketing is an industry where this is often the case. Taking on more responsibility may not always include managing staff and could also mean managing more complex tasks or having a more active role in the organisation of a company.

Take on more danger

Jobs that are potentially dangerous such as mining construction, oil platform work and firefighting tend to be well paid. Most people aren’t prepared to put their life in danger just for higher pay, however it could still be an avenue to consider. Danger and responsibility can also combine in some cases as with air traffic control and piloting – both of which are well-paid jobs.

Associate yourself with influential people

Being friends with the right people can also get you access to more generously paid jobs. When it comes to landing a promotion or negotiating a pay rise, being on good terms with your boss can help. Of course, you don’t have to resort to brown-nosing, but you do need to get yourself noticed to be in for a chance. Similarly, when looking for a new job with high pay, networking with the right people could help to improve your chances of getting hired more so than a complete stranger.

Work for yourself

Of course, there’s always the other option of making your own money as an entrepreneur. This could allow you to set your own salary and make more money than you would do working for someone else. Of course, you do need to financially plan for all the costs of running a business – spend too much on your business and you could find that you’re better off working for an employer.