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This Is How Vacasa Makes Earning Extra Money With Your Vacation Rental So Easy

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This Is How Vacasa Makes Earning Extra Money With Your Vacation Rental So Easy

Are you trying to earn extra money? Sure, who isn't? Well, Vacasa can make earning extra money with your vacation rental so stupid simple. Check out how in today's contributed post.


In July 2018, Vacasa, the largest manager of vacation rental homes in the U.S., launched a real estate arm to elevate local vacation rental real estate into the national investment spotlight. The move simplifies the vacation rental investment process by creating a one-stop-shop for buying, selling, managing and learning about income properties. That’s a big deal for investors in the rapidly changing global vacation rental industry, which is expected to grow to $194 billion by 2021.

Here are five reasons Vacasa’s real estate program will change the vacation rental real estate game.

Better Data

Vacasa’s got it. The company manages more vacation homes in more markets than any U.S. property management company. And with $103.5 million in Series B funding, Vacasa’s growing fast. That means real estate investors will have access to detailed vacation rental performance data all the way to the individual home levels. Featured in USA Today, Vacasa’s Insider’s Guide to the Top 25 Vacation Rental Markets is the first of what will be a steady stream of market reports for investors from the company.

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Earlier Access

Vacasa gets it. Every year, around five percent of Vacasa homeowners sell their vacation rental. When they decide to sell, Vacasa is one of the first to know. Uniquely positioned to connect buyers, sellers and agents, and already an expert at vacation home management and guest services, Vacasa is growing into a one-stop-shop for all things vacation rental. For investors, that means it will be a lot easier to find the perfect property as soon as it hits the market.

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More Leads

Vacasa delivers them. Hosting more than a million guests per year, the company has a built-in network of buyers who look to it for guidance about how, when, and where they should buy their next vacation home. Combined with its built-in pipeline of motivated sellers, the company anticipates being a leading source of referrals for agents across the country. Streamlining the buying and selling process will make vacation rental real estate more accessible for investors who want to dip their toe in the water.

Less Work

Vacasa handles it. After buying a vacation home, investors can choose to sit back and watch Vacasa do the rest. It takes care of local permitting, tax registration and other details, as well as providing end-to-end property management services. Vacasa’s industry-leading technology helps it deliver investors optimal ROI. Homes in its portfolio receive loving care from the industry’s most highly paid local staff. Vacasa even has an interior design team that gives vacation homes a facelift to drive more bookings. Having all these services under one roof makes vacation rental real estate simple for investors who prefer the hands-off approach.

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Superior Tools  

Vacasa’s building them. The company is creating a database of vacation rental real estate content and tools to help investors of all types find the right vacation rental property for their needs. Soon, investors will be able to fine-tune their search for homes using the company’s website and kick off the vacation rental investment experience with the click of a button.

While Vacasa Real Estate is still in its infancy, it’s already launched partnerships with agents from over 80 leading real estate companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Century21, Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, RE/MAX and Sotheby’s. And the number of annual sales involving Vacasa-managed homes will only continue to increase correlating with the company’s rapid year-over-year growth.

As Vacasa’s real estate reach expands, the company moves closer to creating a national one-stop-shop for local vacation rental experiences. That’s great news for anyone wanting to make a simple, hands-off vacation home investment.

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