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This Is Where Millennials Should Invest Their Money

  • June 21, 2018

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where millennials should invest their money

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Ah, millennials. They’ve got kind of a rough deal. Wages, in relative terms, are down from what they were decades ago. Job insecurity is the norm. And the idea that they’ll be able to have a life as good as their parents is becoming something of a joke.

So it’s not going to be easy for them!

However, that doesn’t mean they just have to accept defeat. They can still fashion a good life. One way they can do is to invest the money they have (however small the amount). Below, we take a look at ten places that are suitable for that sweet millennial money.

Renewable Energy

Is there the world ever going to get off fossil fuels? If we’re to have a decent chance of survival, then it’s essential. The good news is that there are plenty of renewable energy options leading the charge to a safer, cleaner, more environmentally-friendly future. Millennials have already shown that they’re not willing to put up with institutions - such as their colleges - who have their money tied up in fossil fuel investments. So maybe it’s time to show them how it’s done! By investing in renewable energy companies, you’ll be injecting the industry with cash, getting a return in the process, and keeping money away from fossil fuel industries.

Other Socially Conscious Companies

Renewable energy isn’t the only thing that millennials care about. They are a socially conscious group, and generally don’t accept the status quo like older generations. As such, they’re much less likely to give their cash to companies who plunder the earth, have poor working conditions, and so on. As such, investing in companies who aim to do good in the world - rather than just make money - would be an option that’s in line with their overall worldview.

Starting a Business

It’s the age of the entrepreneur. It has never been easier to start a business. If you’ve got an idea, and a small amount of cash behind you, then you’ll almost certainly have everything you need to get a company underway. You might not have enough money on your own - you nearly always need more money than you realize in business - so look at getting some additional  funding from your parents, banks, o private investors. If you’ve put together a stellar business plan, have conducted market research, and have the skills to manage and lead a company, then go for it. You’re at an age where it’s OK to take risks.

Non-Traditional Investments

Investing is something that could rightly be regarded as kind of scary. After all, it’s something that people at Wall Street and the like are doing, right? And everyone knows the horror stories of the people who have lost everything due to one bad investment. It does happen, but it’s rare, and in fact, investing is part of a sensible financial landscape. But remember: you don’t have to only invest in the traditional options. You’re young, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking, and your investment choices should be too. Take a look at bitcoin purchasing options, and get involved in the cryptocurrency game. You never know where it’s going to go in the future.

where millennials should invest their money

Into the Savings Account

Now, we know it’s not as exciting as starting a business or investing in cryptocurrency, but it’s worthwhile having some money in the savings account. The reason being: you never know when you’re going to have an emergency that requires a lump sum of cash. Studies have shown that most Americans would struggle to find a few hundred dollars in the case of emergency. Don’t be one of these people! Put some money away each month into your savings account, and let it sit there. When you need it, you’ll be thankful - and it’ll help you avoid using credit cards, which can lead to financial difficulties if used for emergency purposes.

Saying Goodbye to Debt

And talking of financial difficulties, remember to take a look at your debt. Even if you think your debt is manageable - as in, you can always make the monthly payment - it might still be a good idea to focus on paying it down. Why? Because the interest you’re paying on that debt might be crippling you, even if you don’t realize it. You might be comfortable paying the bare minimum each month, but that debt isn’t going down as quickly as you’d like. Once you’re living without debt, reaching your financial targets will be much more straightforward.

A Healthy Diet and Gym Membership

A healthy body is key to a long and happy career - not to mention life. While some people see a gym membership and healthy as unnecessary expenses, you’ll know the value of developing good habits early on when you’re older.  

Your Continued Education

We talked about how difficult it can be to find a job. But don’t stop just once you’ve found employment; aim high, look at promotions, and so on. As such, one of the best places to invest your cash is in yourself. By taking a course or getting qualifications specific to your job, you’ll be putting yourself in a better position for those high-paying jobs. You might not feel like studying after having spent so many years in education, but it’ll serve you well in the long run.

A Robo-Advisor

If you’re clueless when it comes to investing your money, take a look at signing up for a robo-investor service. The premise is simple. You deposit some cash, and then that money is automatically invested in companies. You’re unlikely to get massive returns this way, but you will get some returns, and is a good - and easy - way to diversify your income.

The Right Kind of Real Estate

You’re never too young to invest in real estate. However, it’s important that it’s the right kind of real estate; be aware of potential bubbles, and it’s probably best to leave big cities altogether. It’s not easy to become a property owner, but it is a worthwhile goal to pursue.