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Three Reasons To Evolve An Eco-Conscious Career

  • October 6, 2021

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As the impact of global warming continues to make itself known, it’s hardly surprising that many of us are taking more proactive steps towards sustainable living. As well as attempting to reduce our carbon footprints at home, millennial workers, in particular, are 40% more likely to also choose jobss based on company sustainability. In fact, many are willing to accept a reduced salary for the sake of this benefit alone, and other generations are quickly following suit. 

By donating to charity, removing unethical practices like animal testing, and even investing in sustainable solutions like recycling drives or plastic storage tanks, sustainable companies certainly have a lot going for them. For employees, especially, seeking hire from famously ethical companies like TOMS, Beyond Meat, and Lush Cosmetics, certainly offers some tempting if unexpected employment benefits. And, we’re going to consider them here! 

# 1 - Prideful employment

You could have the best-paying, most respected job in the world, and you’ll still struggle to experience high levels of pride if the company that you’re working for engages in behaviors that you don’t agree with. This is especially obvious in cases of openly unethical practices like animal testing but is increasingly true for even companies who fail to think about things like their waste disposal through a green lens. By comparison, companies who not only steer clear of unethical issues but actively seek better solutions, are far easier to boast about. Regardless of what you’re doing within those companies, you certainly won’t be ashamed to tell everyone what you do for a living when you know that just the name of your company is associated with only good things. 

# 2 - An alignment of values

Along sort of the same lines, eco-conscious employment can also help you to seek roles with employers who share your values. You’re certainly less likely to later stumble across processes or approaches that sit uncomfortably with you when a company openly shares a priority like this. For millennials, especially, this mutually agreeable thinking is crucial for happy and lasting employment. Even in a more general sense, knowing straight away that a company prioritizes these focuses can help you to immediately settle in, and feel passionate, about championing an employer that you want to do your best for. 

# 3 - A more caring approach

It’s also generally true to say that proactively eco-conscious companies will typically have a more caring outlook on processes in their entirety, including the treatment of employees. Certainly, eco-processes that are not just an afterthought but a priority across all business focuses showcase generally positive values that most likely translate to things like employee benefits packages, flexible working, and even charity drives based on employee priorities in some cases. 

It’s certainly fair to say that, as modern generations are quickly learning, careers within openly eco-conscious companies bring undeniable plus points. And, either researching top green companies or proactively seeking these roles on search sites like Grist Jobs can soon see you enjoying these benefits and more.