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Thriving in Your 40s: Beauty and Health Changes to Make

  • November 9, 2020

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Thriving in Your 40s: Beauty and Health Changes to Make

Want to stay healthy and radiant in your 40s?

So, you've finally hit middle age, and you might be feeling a bit insecure about your 40s.

Or perhaps you're perfectly happy as you celebrate your age, but you want to be able to maintain your health and glow.

40 is a great time to be alive, menopause aside. It's especially much easier these days because you can do so many things to keep up your fitness and beauty.

Here are just a few of the best things you can do.

Take care of your hair

Thinning hair and loss are natural parts of the aging process. Even if you've got a healthy head of hair, it's likely not going to be as voluminous or lively unless you take good care of it. When you hit your 40s, that's when the fibers start thinning out, and you may even start getting more obvious signs of hair loss as the years go by.

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Even though you mostly hear about this problem with men, there are great hair loss solutions for women out there that you can use. On top of that, you'll want to stick to products that don't abuse your hair so much since it takes a little longer for it to recover now. You don't want brittle and damaged hair to be your bane every time you get out of bed or try to comb.

Make breakfast a priority

Don't worry. This doesn't mean you're lumped into senior territory quite yet. However, at this age, your metabolism is already going to slow down, so you're going to want to give it that revup it needs by having a good breakfast. This will also give you a boost of energy, which may be in shorter supply if you haven't necessarily taken much care of yourself when you were in your 30s. The older you get, the likelier you will feel fatigued and not get enough nutrients, so the best way to do so without packing on the pounds is by going hearty with the first meal of the day.

Pick an exercise routine you love

Physical fitness is important at every stage, but it's especially important to keep it up now so that you can continue to do what you love well into your 50s and more. Don't also trap yourself into thinking it's too late for you to get fit because there are always ways to ease yourself into it. If you're afraid to hurt yourself, don't go for an intense workout right away. Instead, start with aerobics and some light weights and then go from there.

Don't shy away from using bodyweight exercises either, such as push-ups and planks. To keep yourself limber, try yoga andPilates.

Keep fueling your brain

Sure, you've done your studying in the past, and at this point, you've worked hard in life. But don't let that stop you from staying engaged and interested in your pursuits and even new things. This is very crucial in both retaining your memory and staying happy.

Do different activities to keep your brain active and your memory sharp, and make sure the food you eat complements this. Maintain your social circles so you can keep having a game night of sorts and play around with things you might be unfamiliar with, like a video game or a small newfangled puzzle.

Change up your skin routine

Even if you embrace your aging and happily take on the lines that come with the years, you still have to take care of your skin to make sure that it's healthy and won't cause problems for your health. This age is the time to really be a bit more focused on having a beauty regimen every night and making sure that you always go out with some SPF that includes moisturizing properties.

The actual properties of the beauty products you use also matter. Consider what will make your skin feel brighter and free of built-up bacteria. Antioxidants, anti-aging night creams, some retinol, and the like are your friend. If you're unsure how to go about it with your own skin type, reach out to a dermatologist to figure out what fits you.

Conclusion: Stay Healthy and Radiant in Your 40s

Finally, make sure you don't let negativity get to you. If you feel young and continue to do things you might have thought are "embarrassing for your age" (unless it's just inappropriate), then you'll be able to enjoy this time of your life like any other before it. Age doesn't have to stop you; it should only encourage you to be better.