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Tips for Increasing Customer Satisfaction in an Online Store

  • December 16, 2019

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Tips for Increasing Customer Satisfaction in an Online Store

If you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction for your online store, there are a few simple ways to get started. Customers appreciate being considered and thought of while shopping. They often respond well to good service, positive interactions, and quality products. If you’ve gotten customer complaints in the past, the best practice is to take those seriously and fix the root issues causing them. Word of mouth is important—especially for online shops, as there are thousands of options selling similar products consumers can flock to. Set yourself apart and check out these tips for increasing customer satisfaction in an online store.

Ship quickly

Because of the effect of big-box online retailers, customers now expect prompt order processing and shipping. If your shipping method is currently coming out of the consumer’s pocket or takes more than five to seven days to arrive at their doorstep, it’s time to rethink your system. Many times, customers may put items in their cart and make it to the checkout screen, only to abandon their would-be-purchases due to a high shipping fee. If you aren’t sure how to lower costs or streamline your shipping method, it can be helpful to talk to a third-party logistics company and come up with a good solution for your business.  As an online seller, you need to ensure that you are doing as much as possible for your customers because your business doesn't offer as much face to face interaction as other businesses. You can read more about how to be effective as an Amazon seller, but if your store is elsewhere online it’s still important for you to meet customer expectations. Increasing satisfaction among your customers is an absolute must and it’s going to be the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you are giving back to customers at any one time. Shipping packages quickly is going to be a hallmark of your business!

Bonus Tip: Package your shipments in an aesthetically pleasing way. Packaging is your customer’s first real impression of your product and can make or break their attitude going into the experience.

Follow up on reviews

No matter the type of review, comment, or post, make sure to interact. It’s easy to hurl insults at a mysterious company without a face—but if you make yourself present and positive, people are more likely to work with you to solve issues rather than simply write off your business’s integrity altogether. When someone posts a positive review, thank them, point out specific parts of their post, and make them feel appreciated. For any negative reviews or comments, try reaching out to the customer directly to see what you can do to right the wrong.

Bonus Tip: Don’t ignore bad reviews or respond rudely; other potential customers want to know you treat your customers with respect and care.

People love interaction; it makes them feel valued and shows your company not only cares, but is also run by real people. Another way to add a personal touch and increase consumer interactions is to be active on social media. Don’t be stingy with your follow button. If a customer follows you, do them a solid and follow them back and try to like their posts occasionally.

All these tips for increasing customer satisfaction in an online store should help get your business on track—or back on track—to having a solid stream of regular customers, as well as an influx of new ones.