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Tips for Reinventing Your Company’s Brand

  • August 26, 2021

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Tips for Reinventing Your Company’s Brand

As a business owner, it’s essential to ensure that your brand is relevant. With so many different competitor products stacked on store shelves, your brand must be distinguishable and memorable to customers.

If your business struggles to stand out on shelves or you’ve noticed your core target audience migrating to other brands, you may need to revitalize your company’s image. Continue reading to learn our tips for reinventing your company’s brand. 

Modernize Your Labels

One of the most common reasons brands become irrelevant in customers’ eyes is that they never update their packaging. When you have outdated labels, logos, and packaging, customers are more likely to get bored and avert their attention to competitor brands instead.

If your company has not redesigned its packaging in over a decade, your brand most likely needs a redesign.

Redefine Your Target Audience

It’s not unusual for businesses to grow past their original mission statement. However, companies sometimes don’t realize that their original branding no longer caters to their current target audience.

For example, an app initially geared toward all age ranges may reinvent its brand to cater to teenage audiences if they feel that that market fits their new strategy best.

If your business’s values and mission statement have grown or changed since you first established your brand, it’s time to reinvent your company’s image.

Ask For Loyal Customer Feedback

Before reinventing your brand, figure out what aspects of your current brand image are successful. And the best way to gauge your company’s strengths and weaknesses is to ask loyal customers. Asking customers for detailed feedback will allow business owners to understand how everyday consumers view their brand.

Companies can even use this feedback to help redefine their target audience and rejuvenate their image.

If your business is in dire need of a reinvention but you’re not sure where to start, consider reaching out to customers to gather their unique perspectives.

Embrace Market Trends

Although it’s crucial to stand out on store shelves, businesses should also study common market trends before reinventing their brand image. Learning the strategies of competitor products and examining what types of trends customers are prioritizing will allow your brand to adopt these critical updates. For example, if your company notices that customers commonly seek products with sustainable packaging materials, incorporating eco-friendly packaging into your brand redesign is wise.

Don’t Become Unrecognizable

The most important tip for reinventing your company’s brand is to stick to small changes. A company can put plenty of minor changes in place to revitalize its brand. However, when businesses make too many large changes to their image, they risk becoming unrecognizable to customers. One subtle change you can implement without overwhelming your customers is improving your packaging. You can do this by investing in redesigning custom boxes for your products. While this may come as a surprise to your current clients, it will still maintain the sense of identity your brand has built over the years.

Don’t throw away the years of brand recognition and memorability your business has established. Instead, outline a redesign that revitalizes your brand’s image. Investing time to upgrade your brand’s image will help ensure that your company has a long-lasting strategy for success.