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Tips for Reopening a Retail Business During COVID

  • September 24, 2020

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Tips for Reopening a Retail Business During COVID

With the concern of COVID-19 still looming over a lot of businesses, many owners are taking very specific measures when it comes to reopening. Some of the first to have reopened are retail businesses. While many have been given the go-ahead to open back up for the general public, owners and managers should consider measures that will provide the safest environment for employees and customers while also allowing businesses to thrive in this new environment. To get started, check out these tips for reopening a retail business during COVID.

Make a Plan According To the Guidelines

It is important to go over all the guidelines that will apply to reopening a business in your area. Cover these thoroughly, as the rules and regulations will vary state to state or even region to region. Look at your current business model and see how it fairs with both statewide and local ordinances. It is possible you may have to make changes to your plans. Be sure to address special services like curbside pickup and store hours.

Prepare Your Facilities Properly

Evaluate your facilities, especially the current layout of your store. Consider if the store space will support your business’s needs in this new time. Looking at how you might be able to use your space differently will be extremely important, as regulations may affect your store setup. Areas may need to be more spaced out to keep customers further apart. Certain areas may need to be blocked off for employees only.

Create Efficient Customer Flow

This will one of the most helpful tips for reopening a retail business during COVID. Figuring out how to have good customer flow through your store while also keeping everyone safe will be imperative to your business continuing to function. Decide if customer screening will be needed to comply with state restrictions. Examine and assess the capacity of customers your business can have. Traffic flow will need to be controlled to stay up to social distancing standards. Several solutions can be used to keep it controlled, such as avoiding large gatherings, floor stickers for social distancing, reminder posters about pandemic awareness etc. These tools can support companies in ensuring employee health safety. Check out some tips for arranging your retail store that might help open your space for better traffic flow according to distancing standards.

Have Employees Trained and Prepared

The different roles and responsibilities of employees will determine their risk level of potential exposure to the virus. Workers who have close contact with customers are the most vulnerable. Giving each worker the proper training and communication on procedures is what will keep your employees the safest. Provide them with clear expectations of the new business plan and health guidelines they need to follow. Making temperature checks of workers a routine each shift is also a wise option. When it comes to having a safe and efficient business, it all starts with your employees.