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Tips for Starting Your Online Shop

  • June 17, 2021

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Tips for Starting Your Online Shop

Now that you’ve decided to set up a shop online, it’s time to focus on the finer details of doing business on the Internet. From product pricing to photography to web design, you’ll have to account for many elements. Read the following tips for starting your online shop and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself as you build your presence; the right touches can make your business stand out from the rest.

Consider Your Audience

Think about your target demographic. Are you selling one-of-a-kind paintings, refurbished electronics, or vintage telephones? Research other small businesses that are similar to yours and note how they appeal to their audience. If the folks you want to reach are savvy with social media, build your presence on different platforms and offer discounts for interacting with your brand.

Add That Professional Touch

Are you starting a shop on Etsy? Using an already-existing platform is easier than building your own site from the ground up, but you still need to bring your unique style and visual appeal to your shop’s homepage. Any graphics should relate to your products. When photographing items you intend to sell, make sure you have plenty of natural light pouring into the room (or take photos outside). You may not have the resources to create a professional photography studio, but you can still form an effective flat-lay setup to photograph objects from above. A minimalist white background is easy to create and will draw attention to your products in a crisp, classy way.

Ensure Returning Customers

When you ship a customer their purchase, consider giving them a unique discount code to encourage them to buy from you again. Top-tier services, like fast shipping and customization options, are crucial to bringing in five-star reviews. Even a small, personalized note tucked away in their package will keep your shop at the front of their mind.

Attract More Traffic

What search terms are your potential customers typing into Google? Do a little research on SEO (search engine optimization) and think about ways to implement it, whether you have your own website or use a platform like Etsy or eBay. Start a blog that links back to your shop; it’s an easy way to drive more traffic to your product page. Include keywords that are popular in search engine results. Use those keywords in your product names to draw more attention to them as well.

Starting a business of your own is no easy feat, but it will become its own reward once you start making sales and seeing those five-star reviews pour in. These tips for starting your online shop are a jumping-off point; take inspiration from small businesses you admire and use that knowledge to grow as an entrepreneur.