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Tips For Understanding The Worth Of Your Car Accident Case

  • December 12, 2019

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Understanding The Worth Of Your Car Accident Case

A car accident is the worst thing that can happen to you, particularly when you are not at fault. The pain and injuries may make your life hell, while you can even lose your job temporarily or permanently. Additionally, there is the emotional and financial trauma that you and your family will obviously have to face. Though car accidents are hard to avoid, you can still rest assured that you will get justice if they happen due to the negligence of the other party.

Introduction: Understanding The Worth Of Your Car Accident Case

The silver lining is that you can depend on personal injury law to come to your rescue. However, getting the rightful compensation amount is easier said than done because insurance companies usually do everything they can to avoid paying it. Even before that, you may not even be sure about how to calculate the compensation you should rightfully get. Here are a few tips that can help you understand the worth of your car accident case.

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Estimate the damage to the vehicle

If you are involved in a car crash while driving your car or bike, chances are that your vehicle will be damaged. First things first, you should start by estimating the damage to the vehicle during the accident. This is perhaps the easiest thing to assess because your repair bills can give a fair idea about the damage. The amount you pay to the garage will be on the top of the accident compensation list. In case your vehicle is totally scrapped in the accident, you can get a third-party estimate of its value to add up in the compensation amount.

Add up the medical expenses

Perhaps the most vital component of your car accident compensation is the medical expenses you spend on the treatment of the injuries. If you want to secure the complete amount, you must have the entire documentation of the treatment from the start to end. Have the injuries documented by the treating practitioner. Also, keep the test reports, medical bills and medication receipts handy for complete records. A complete record serves as evidence of your injury and serves as vital evidence that makes your case stronger.

Pain and suffering

Though the value of your pain and suffering may not be tangible like the repair bills and medical bills, it is still added up to your compensation. However, a lawyer who is capable of handling accident injury claims like a pro can help you in calculating this amount with accuracy and ease. Essentially, the compensation for pain and suffering is the amount that covers up the mental and psychological aspects of the injury rather than the physical ones. People who get involved in major accidents tend to face anxiety, fear, and depression and deserve to be compensated for them.

Loss of earning capacity

Another amount that is added up to the value of your compensation claim is the loss of your earning capacity. People who have serious injuries in accidents may end up incapacitated for a short time or even disabled for a lifetime. In both cases, loss of employment is imperative and this can lead to huge financial stress for the victim and his or her family. Personal injury law ensures that you are compensated for this loss and adds up the loss of earning the capacity to the compensation value.

Loss of quality of life

Apart from the loss of employment, serious injuries can also lead to the loss of quality of life. It can impact your relationship with your spouse and family as you may no longer be able to enjoy life like before. Though calculating an amount for the loss of quality of life may be difficult, it is still estimated and added up to the compensation value. Despite the fact that the amount cannot get the quality of your life back on track, it can still make things easier and reduce your stress as well.

Knowing the exact value of your compensation is the most significant aspect of claiming it. The reason is that it gives you a benchmark of the optimal value of compensation which you can seek a settlement from the insurance company. If the company fails to settle an amount that you rightfully deserve, you should consider filing a lawsuit. Whether you are looking for a settlement or want to file a suit, the best approach would be to collaborate with a seasoned personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Not only do they help you with getting your rightful compensation but they also provide the emotional support that you need from the start to end.