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Tips on How To Make Business Cards More Creative

  • January 15, 2021

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Tips on How To Make Business Cards More Creative

Business cards are a huge deal. Despite our modern era of all things digital, these little paper cards carry so much potential in people’s front pockets, bags, or wallets. With the right or suitable design, a business card can convey to possible clients or customers that you mean business. At first glance, they should know who you are, what you do, and why they should work with you instead of somebody else.

Since the wide world of design ideas and possibilities is difficult to navigate, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to assure your card gives off a good first impression and brings in business. Here are some tips on how to make business cards more creative and get those innovative juices flowing.

Think Outside the Box

Creativity within traditional constraints may be most suitable for some people, but if you truly desire to stand out you must consider straying outside the lines. You can stick to the standard size or choose to branch out. Think about how to best boost appeal and aesthetics. Keep things fresh by letting shape and orientation dictate the true depiction of yourself or your company.

Remember the card is a visual representation of what you do—there’s no rule that states you must stay inside a rectangular box. Frame and organize your business card design to fit your values and your brand. Your unique design will attract the right people.

Geometric, Abstract, or Bold Designs

Another tip on how to make business cards more creative is to add eye-catching definition and bright color. Minimalism is a wonderful way to keep info simple and sweet with clean lines. However, the human eye is naturally drawn to bolder structures and shapes as well as interesting lines. You can easily create an impossible-to-miss design on the front and keep the back of the card clean and clutter-free for easy-to-read contact information. Don’t forget to maximize your logo and brand colors; it’s a sure way to establish familiarity and reinforce recognition.

Add a Little Something Special

Specialty printing techniques and finishes are the ideal creative means for instant impact on paper. Embossing, monograms, metallic inks, and foil stamping are just a few popular techniques that go a long way in design. Each can add a sense of uniqueness that creates a more tactile experience for readers.

Foil accents bestow a teensy touch of flair and sophistication that truly shines. Many commercial print shops offer varying foil print techniques, so it’s best to understand the difference between digital foiling vs. block foiling before selecting the most suitable finish. Both can be trendy with a professional look and artisan detail. Either way, customizing your business card with special features that are appropriate to your branding will leave a lasting, tangible impression upon potential clients. That kind of impact means more money back in your pockets.