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Women in Their Journey Toward Work-Life Balance

  • December 13, 2021

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Tips on How Women Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

Career women often find it challenging to balance their lives at work and home. Striking a perfect balance between these two can be pretty elusive. However, women can still do something to keep themselves healthy. They have to take action both in their workplace and at home. This way, they can still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Women's various roles at work and home will clash at some point. For this reason, they have to think of ways to keep things in balance. In this case, this post consists of tips that women can apply to achieve work-life balance.

Actions to Take for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Women still choose to work for practical reasons. Expenses are going up and may continue being this way. Aside from that, they may also have debts to pay. Especially when you bought a home for your family, settling your expenses can be challenging at times. You'll have to think of paying for your home loan payments on top of your living expenses. Their payments can never go wrong, so they must secure a steady income. However, it also becomes a challenge for them to keep up with their home roles.

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Given this point, the tips below can help women achieve equal footing for both sides. Here's how:

At Work

The following acts can help you achieve a healthy setup at work:

  1. Learn to say no: It can be challenging for you to say this word, but it's sometimes vital to do so. In this case, you have to assess your daily tasks and manage them according to priority. Saying no to the less urgent matters allows you to use your time and energy to do more vital things for yourself.
  2. Take breaks: You have to take a break as much as possible. Even a 30-second break can make a difference. In effect, you can improve your focus, reduce stress, and makes you appreciate your work even more. You also have to apply this even if you are working at home.
  3. Use your lunch break: Do not fail to have your lunch on time. It means having your lunch at the pantry and not in front of your desk. Aside from that, make sure to enjoy your meal and not hastily. You have all the right to consume your lunch break.
  4. Request for flexible schedules: You can open up with your employer and be honest about your needs. In this case, you can make an effort to ask for a flexible shift, a compressed workweek, or job sharing. Your team can even think of other options for the perfect setup for everyone in this situation.
  5. Prioritize your health: Your health is an utmost priority because you cannot work well if you are unhealthy. Given this point, you have to ensure that you are still doing activities to keep you healthy. That includes making the most out of your paid leave credits.

At Home

Your home setting can change by putting these into action:

  1. Set boundaries: You have to be direct with your colleagues and customers regarding working schedules. For this reason, it is best to clear with them on when you work and when you might not be able to respond. In effect, you do not have to keep checking your emails, especially if it's your rest day.
  2. Make time for your loved ones: You have to ensure that you have enough time for the people you love. Lack of time can make them drift away from you. Moreover, it can make you lose track of how their lives are going. Quality time with them is vital.
  3. Nurture relationships. You have to stay socially active and build relations with other people. Being with other people can help improve your health. Aside from that, you can also extend your lifespan. Unplugging yourself from work during your rest days is better to connect with others.
  4. Prioritize quality time for yourself: Arrange schedules to spend time for yourself. Alone times are still essential to help you re-energize. Aside from that, it is the time when you can do something you love. Give time and care for yourself.
  5. Ask for help: There's no problem asking for help from other members at home. If the chores are too much to handle alone, ask for help. Do not try to do it by yourself. Besides, you can grab this chance to share time with them as well.

In general, women can still achieve a healthy work-life balance. With these simple choices, you can make it happen. It's only a matter of prioritizing what matters most in your life. Even in tough times, you can still find a way to make it through them. Your work and home roles can still meet halfway.