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Todd Stottlemyre’s Relentless Success

Pick up your copy of former MLB pitcher Todd Stottlemyre's book, Relentless Success: 9 Point System for Major League Achievement.  I had the privilege of reading the manuscript for the book and it's quite an entertaining read.  What I enjoyed most were the personal stories and anecdotes involving Todd's playing days, being promoted to the majors and sent back down, his arrest in Tampa, the loss of his brother to cancer, and his financial struggles.

All of these stories are interwoven with lessons Todd used to better his life.  Now, he's teaching them to us.  If you're like me and rather read something entertaining while also informative (read: "infotainment"), then this is your book.  Todd's system is simple to grasp and builds on other great teachings.  However, without the right commitment and drive, you won't reap the same rewards.

Like the title says, you must be relentless in your pursuit of success.