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Top Jobs In the Food Industry

  • July 12, 2021

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Top Jobs In the Food Industry

If you enjoy cooking, why not consider a career in the food industry? After all, what’s better than doing what you love all day and making money as you’re doing it? The food industry is very diverse; there’s a career for every cook. You could bake pastries, cook filet mignon, design a sushi sampler, and more. It all depends on which career you choose. Here are the top jobs in the food industry to consider.

Banquet Cook

Banquet cooks help design, prepare, and cook dishes for large events, such as weddings, parties, meetings, et cetera. They generally serve large orders of food, so planning and preparing is an important part of the job. These chefs make an average of $30,000 per year, and while a degree isn’t required, an associate degree will certainly help with the application process.

Pastry Chef

Another one of the top jobs in the food industry is a pastry chef. This is an ideal career for someone who enjoys baking delectable sweets, such as pies, breads, cakes, et cetera. Usually, an associate or a bachelor’s degree is required—with a focus on pastry. Of course, the salary will vary depending on your education, but the general salary for a pastry chef with a degree is $50,000 per year.

Sushi Chef

Sushi is a complex art that combines both raw and cooked fish, rice, meat, and vegetables into delicious and aesthetically appealing meals. When they’re starting out, many sushi chefs take on apprenticeships where they gain hands-on work experience such as learning how to use Japanese knives and kitchen tools. There are many reasons why professional chefs use Japanese knives, such as the fact that they are extremely sharp and precise. The average salary for a sushi chef is around $45,000 but can increase greatly depending on experience.

Line Cook

Line cooks assist the sous chefs, head chefs, and other cooks to create mouthwatering dishes. They often gain the experience and basic skills necessary to become a sous chef and eventually a head chef. While it’s not required to obtain a degree for this position, it’s helpful to acquire a degree if you plan to become a sous or head chef. The average salary for a line cook is around $20,000 per year.

Head Chef

The head chef is the leader of the kitchen. They ensure that all dishes meet high standards and help solve any problems in the kitchen. To become a head chef, you need many years of relevant experience and usually a four-year degree. The salary for a head chef is around $65,000 per year but varies significantly with experience.