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Top Signs That Your Job Is Harming Your Health

  • February 17, 2019

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Top Signs That Your Job Is Harming Your Health

If you work full-time then there is a high chance that you spend more time at work when compared to any other place. You probably don’t spend much time with your family either, let alone see your friends at the weekend. If you are working overtime constantly, then your work could be harming your health without you even realizing.

Working Overtime

It really is hard to find a job nowadays that gives you the chance to leave on time every single day. You may find yourself having to work late more days than not, and this can come with its own fair share of health risks. Working long hours can significantly increase your risk of experiencing a stroke, heart disease and even depression. There is also evidence that shows that it can decrease productivity and result in poor cognitive performance if done for too long.


Working overtime can also cause your posture to become poor. This is something that often affects those who spend most of their time working at a desk or even on their feet all day. When you are overworked, you become tired and you have less energy to hold the same position all the time. Sure, companies do value those who go beyond their normal working hours and they also like an employee who puts in the extra work but if you feel as though you are doing it constantly then it is time to focus on yourself for once.

Never Getting up from Your Desk

Prolonged sitting is linked to diabetes, heart disease, depression and even cancer. As if that wasn’t enough, you also put yourself at risk for joint and muscle problems too. The common cause of poor posture is not down to poor furniture either. A fancy, new adjustable chair won’t solve your problems. You need to instead, sit with your knees below your hip level. This will encourage your spine to lengthen and it will also cause the shoulders to relax as well. This can reduce eye strain, neck tension and even headaches. If you are injured as the result of work then the NBA Law Firm helps clients get a fair compensation.

You Don’t get to Sit Down

Jobs that require you to be on your feet all day will also have a huge impact on your health. You don’t often get the chance to rest your body and you may even experience poor circulation, swelling of the feet and even joint damage.

Long Commutes

Long commutes really are unavoidable because you can’t always live close to your job. If you are continually travelling for long periods of time, then this can have a huge impact on your life. You may find that you experience more anxiety and that you have to take more time out of your day just to get to work. You also put yourself at risk of experiencing stress due to being in rush-hour traffic for extended periods of time as well.

So, there are many ways that your job could be harming your health, and by looking out for them, you can be sure to start looking after yourself better.