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Turning Your Love Of Animals Into A Business

  • July 29, 2021

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If you are someone who loves animals, and you also tend to have something of an entrepreneurial spirit, you might find yourself wondering whether you could take that love of animals and turn it into a business of some kind or another. The simple answer is yes, this is perfectly possible, but you do need to be aware of what kinds of steps you need to take in order to make it a success.

In this post, we are going to show you through all of the essentials behind this process, so you can get your business up and running in no time and also so that you can make it a real success. You’ll be amazed at how rewarding this can be.

Picking Your Business Idea

First of all, you will need to work out what kind of business you are actually going to run. There are many pet and animal related business ideas you might come up with, and many that already exist which you might be keen to try and compete against too. Let’s first take a look at some of the main animal related business ideas you might want to choose between.

You might set up a pet-sitting agency, where you link together pet owners and people who are keen to look after animals. You could do this through an app, and there is plenty of precedence for this being an amazing way to get a business going. If you think about Uber and Just Eats, they are businesses which practically own no assets, but just set up an app which has become universally popular. There is no reason you can’t do the same with your pet-sitting business.

Alternatively, perhaps you are keen to offer a doggie day care, or even dog training facility. You might even be able to combine the two into one business, thereby gaining more customers and broadening your appeal considerably. For this, you will need to make sure that you have all the appropriate knowledge yourself, which usually means a certain amount of experience in the area and the industry already. If you have that, there is a good chance that you will be able to make this business a success.

Another business idea to consider is creating and selling pet products. That could include pet food, toys, crates and cages, along with anything else that you think might be worth trying to sell. In this kind of business, marketing is everything, and you will need to make sure that you are using the best possible pet supply packaging such as That way, more and more pet owners will try out your business’ products, and you’ll gain more popularity as you go.

Of course, you can also consider going down the medical route, and trying to set up a vet’s clinic. This would normally mean that you have a lot of experience being a vet yourself, or at least that you know about it and have the right contacts to make it work. If you have that, then this can be an especially rewarding way to turn your love of animals into a business, as you will be literally helping them to survive and thrive every day of the week.

Whatever business idea you choose, you should make sure that it is one you are on board with, one that you can be truly passionate about, and one that is likely to have the capability of being profitable. As long as those measures are met, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a success of it.

Marketing Your Animal Business

Marketing is always important when you are running any business, and that is just as true for an animal-related business as anything else. There are certain things you will want to bear in mind when it comes to marketing an animal related business, however. Most of all, you need to try and make use of the fact that people who are going to use your services also probably love animals, and as such they are going to need to be sure that you are going to care for the animal in question.

It is this caring elements which are most important, and which will show people that you are serious about looking after and taking care of animals. You can also boost marketing by promoting the kinds of values animal lovers tend to have, which includes a feeling of love for the animals in question and the sense that pets are almost like children. Thinking of things in this way should mean that you are able to market your business a lot more successfully in general.

As for the specifics of how to do it and how to get the word out there, it is much like any other kind of business in that regard. Firstly you need to focus on local marketing, which can include local SEO and related activities, and then you will want to use word of mouth to spread the word amongst people you know. It’s also important to make sure that you are making use of social media, as this is the contemporary marketing tool that tends to work best, and it would be foolish to miss out on using it.

If you can do all that, you should find that your animal business is going to find success much sooner.

Gaining Customers

When you are first starting out you might find yourself wondering what the best way is to actually gain customers. This can be quite hard to get right, and a lot of it will simply come down to trial and error, but it is nonetheless something that you need to be thinking about as best as you can. To gain more customers at the start, you need to focus on your ability to connect with them in some of the ways outlined above. That is essentially how you are going to get the ball rolling at first.

Then comes the most important part, which is actually pleasing the customers that you get, so that they spread the good word about your business and you gain more and more customers in the future. Over time, this is going to mean that you can build up your customer base significantly, so it’s something that you are definitely going to want to think about as best as you can. Gaining customers and improving your contacts is a really important way to get your animal business off the ground. You should also consider forming connections with other animal related businesses which are not necessarily competitors.


Even with a business that is mostly about animals you need to think about all of the usual nitty-gritty that comes along with any business. One of the most important of these is pricing. As long as you are able to get the pricing right, you’ll find that your customers are happier, you get more customers interested to begin with, and you are able to build your business empire much more successfully. If you are struggling with pricing, it might mean you simply need to do a little research to determine what kind of changes you need to make. Over time, it will become clearer what you should charge to remain profitable while keeping prices fair.

And there you have it. If you can achieve all that, you should find that you can effectively turn your love of animals into a successful business.