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Understanding How to Leverage Your Value in Influencer Marketing

  • September 17, 2022

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two influencers discussing things on camera

Folks who are old enough remember where they were on Saturday morning when they saw a commercial with an Olympic athlete telling everyone Wheaties was a great way to start a day as breakfast. While these athletes were doing their job for marketing sponsorships, they were also playing the role of early influencers, being hero figures kids looked up to and would copy (it would also drive cereal brand sales too).

Today, with the Internet and social media, the same thing happens with creators like yourself, bloggers, YouTube video channel-makers, Twitter posters, TikTok and Whatsapp posters, and similar with large followings. You are doing more than just creating content for people to watch; you are influencing how people think.

And those influences have tremendous impacts on whether certain services or products get your audience's focus, or negatively, their spite. Online influencers like yourself have become the same social power that Olympic athletes were on TV so many decades earlier, but with far greater reach, even internationally in some cases.

Making Connections

Ideally, if a company has a direct connection with a particular influencer, a lot of headway can be made concerning partnering with that influencer for the marketing of a given product or service.

However, more often than not, companies find it difficult to make such connections cold turkey, especially if they have not already been part of the influencer’s circle and recognized. Fortunately, an influencer marketing platform solves this awkward connection problem, both you as the creator and companies who want to work with your impact.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Instead of businesses getting a lot of rejection from cold-calling influencers directly and being shunned, they can instead work through a middleman influencer marketing platform that already has direct connections with influencers like yourself, has built up a critical relationship with them, and promotes the right company products and services with the influencer that matches that category the best.

Gone are the random mistakes and disconnects, and instead, a company is able to leverage the power of its given influence to boost its market awareness, and brand recognition, and maybe even open up new market demographics previously out of reach.

Influencer Support Platforms

Influence support platforms are also ideal for regular content creation. Many influencers already have a significant following online in terms of audience impact. When they begin providing content to specific sources, either as a guest writer or in a regular appearance, the audience follows. And that can translate into secondary actions when those audience members are at a partner site, a key transition reaction companies need with visiting traffic.

Influencers like yourself can also be a key breakthrough catalyst for helping monetize a web portal investment. Whether it’s jump-starting a site taken over or pushing a newly-created site into hyperdrive, influencers have proven to be a big commodity when it comes to connecting with consumers in every major category and industry channel. Companies are flocked to or avoided based on the whims of influence opinion in that given industry.


Remember, it takes months and years to develop a big following online, no matter how much content is produced. You know this already given your own time invested in your audience. Anyone can go down the path of trying to cultivate traffic and audience growth on their own, but they won’t see results anytime soon, not to the level you've already built with your channels.

On the other hand, companies that take advantage of proven resources via an influencer marketing platform and leap ahead in a matter of days and weeks with your help. And that kind of valuable time saved oftentimes makes a big difference in being the product or service that wins the market versus the company that arrives at the party late and misses the whole thing.

Isn't it time for you to really have an impact?