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Want to Invest? Here are 4 Fantastic Ways to Get Started

  • July 1, 2019

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want to invest

Do you have money that you’d love to see grow? Perhaps you’re saving for a vacation, for your first home, or just for a rainy day. Investing is a great way to build your nest egg and to see your money work harder for you. Whatever the reason, there are many ways you can invest your money. Some are riskier or have more potential for return than others, so it’s well worth doing your research to find out which investments are right for you. Here are four ideas to get you started on your investment journey. 


The easiest and most risk-free way of investing is merely saving into your bank account. It offers low returns, but a lot of security. Plus, it’s better than storing your cash under a mattress, since you will be accumulating some kind of interest. By putting your money into an account with the right interest rates and benefits to suit you, you can sit back and watch it grow. Developing a healthy saving habit will help here. See if you can automate savings by setting up a direct transfer each payday into your savings account. 

Precious metals 

Lots of people talk about the importance of diversifying investments. This is partly because the various areas of investment react differently to events like changes in the market. Did you know that investing in gold is an excellent hedge against depreciating currency? Gold rises in value as the dollar falls, making it a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Find out how to invest in gold and see if it could be right for you. There are a variety of opportunities available, including purchasing physical gold, or gold funds and stocks. 


Real estate investment outstrips the stock market, with returns of 10% annually since 2000, compared with 5.43%. Investing in real estate is often seen as the most reliable and foolproof option for investment. If you are interested in buying an investment property, it’s worth doing plenty of research to ensure that you can afford this type of investment and that you’ll get worthwhile returns. The type of property, the current state of the property, and the neighborhood it’s in can all affect the return you’re likely to see. It’s worth seeking expert advice to get it right since it’s often a lot of money at stake. 


Stocks are possibly the most well-known form of investing. But according to Gallup, only 55% of Americans hold stocks, either personally or jointly. You can invest in stocks through a stockbroker, where you buy shares in a company. Each share is essentially a tiny slither of ownership in that company. Part of the trouble with investing in stocks is knowing when to sell them. You can make very good money when the value goes up, but if the company’s value plummets you might actually lose money if you sell your shares. 

If you’re inspired to begin your investment journey, it’s worth taking lots of time to research your different options. Don’t rush into an opportunity that promises high returns without thoroughly investigating the risks associated, too.